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Based in the Bronx borough of New York City, one of the country's lowest income areas, the Montefiore AIDS Center is a leader in the field of multispecialty, multidisciplinary HIV/AIDS care. The AIDS Center's longstanding commitment to provide the highest quality care and treatment for patients with HIV/AIDS comes through in every aspect of it culture. Einstein-Montefiore faculty physicians strive to help patients with HIV/AIDS to live the best life possible, preventing needless morbidity and mortality.


The Montefiore AIDS Center serves as a local and national resource for patients living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS, as well as their families and caregivers. Additionally, the AIDS Center is a model program for international visitors, sharing best practices with international governments and HIV/AIDS programs. Recently, the Center has hosted visitors from Botswana, Guyana and Namibia.

Counseling & Testing 

  • The Montefiore AIDS Center has implemented the OraQuick Rapid HIV test, now administered to patients throughout Montefiore Medical Center's outpatient clinics, inpatient units, and emergency room. AIDS Center clinicians train health professionals throughout the Bronx to integrate HIV testing as a regular part of their medical practice. The AIDS Center works closely with the Montefiore Emergency Department to scale up routine HIV testing for all patients who come to the emergency room. The Montefiore Emergency Department is one of the top five busiest in the United States and the most visited in New York state.

Federal and State Care Guidelines and Quality Improvement 

  • Einstein-Montefiore infectious disease physician faculty members hold numerous leadership positions in national quality improvement and medical guidelines professional organizations.
  • The Center participates in the HIVQUAL Continuous Quality Program, a national project to improve the quality of care delivered to persons with HIV, and integrates best practices according to the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute.

Retention in Care 

  • The AIDS Center participates in the Quality Learning Network, a program sponsored by the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute. The Quality Learning Network focuses on the retention of patients in care by implementing efforts such as calling to remind patients about visits, thank-you notes to patients, and new patient exit interviews. The AIDS Center has special ongoing initiatives to improve retention of new patients to care.

Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic 

Robert M. Grossberg, MD

With its Center for Positive Living/Infectious Diseases (ID) Clinic, one of the largest HIV/AIDS clinics in New York state offering a wide range of specialized services in a central location, the Montefiore AIDS Center provides a medical home unlike any other HIV/AIDS clinic in New York state. The Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic provides comprehensive HIV primary care, specialty services, and access to clinical trials all in one location. The clinic is a major site for teaching multidisciplinary health professionals about care of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Abnormal Pap Smear Follow-Up 

  • The Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic has ongoing, highly successful programs to ensure that women with abnormal pap smears obtain needed follow-up. Recent data show that greater than 95% of women with abnormal pap smears have had follow-up with a gynecologist.

Aging-Related Issues: HIV over 50 

  • The Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic is at the forefront statewide in improving comprehensive care for patients over age fifty. The clinic has greatly improved rates of colon cancer screening, sexual dysfunction therapy, mental health care, and other issues more prevalent in this population.


  • Diabetes is highly prevalent among Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic patients. Specially trained staff are available to improve diabetic outcomes.

Hepatitis C Co-Infection 

  • The Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic offers comprehensive on-site evaluation and treatment services for patients with HIV and hepatitis C, with outcomes rivaling those of national and international clinical trials.

Medication Adherence 

  • The Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic’s Adherence Program was one of the first in New York state and is a model for improving HIV medication adherence.

Mental Health 

  • The Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic staffs psychiatrists and therapists with experience in treating persons with HIV. Services include crisis intervention, counseling, psychiatric assessment, substance abuse counseling, medication management, and individual, family, and couples therapy.


  • The Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic staffs registered dieticians who provide patients with individualized assessment of their nutritional needs and ongoing counseling and monitoring to ensure optimum health.


  • The Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic's Specialty Pharmacy provides quick, confidential prescription filling services. Pharmacists have special training in HIV disease and medication management and are available for individualized medication counseling and information. Home delivery is available and all insurance plans are accepted.


  • Project HEAL (Healing Environment Altering Lives) has provided over 600 at-risk women with HIV testing and HIV/AIDS prevention education since its inception. Program services are aimed at Bronx women of color.

Social Work 

  • The Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic's team of social work case managers is available for patients in need of concrete services such as insurance, housing, and financial assistance as well as short-term psychosocial support.
  • Intensive case management (COBRA) enrollment is available on site. Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic social workers work closely with community COBRA case managers to meet patients’ comprehensive care needs.

Women’s and Men's Health 

  • Multidisciplinary staff at the Center for Positive Living/ID Clinic have implemented successful ongoing educational and quality programs to improve healthcare delivery specific to women’s health and men’s health.

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