Einstein/Montefiore Department of Medicine

Network Performance Report


Rafael Ruiz, PhD 

Peter Shamamian, MD 

Brandon Yongue, PhD 


The Montefiore Medical Center Network Performance Group produces a highly customized monthly report that enables medical leadership and governing bodies to obtain a quantitative snapshot of the current state of the organization.

The report is an aggregate of data submitted from more than 50 sources throughout the organization. It provides comprehensive tracking of 160 different measures with detailed data in the following areas. Many of these measures have direct bearing on the care provided by Department of Medicine faculty, residents and staff.

Areas of Analysis 

Acute Care

  • discharges
  • average length of stay
  • 3-day readmit rates
  • inpatient mortality rates
  • diagnostic cardiac catheterizations
  • percutaneous coronary interventions
  • open heart cardiothoracic cases
  • ICU adult diabetics' glucose measures

Surgical Care

  • operating room (OR) procedures
  • first case starts within 15 minutes
  • OR cancellation rates (< 18 hours)
  • patients receiving antibiotic 1 hour before surgery
  • patients receiving appropriate antibiotic before surgery
  • antibiotic discontinued within 24 hours
  • VTE prophylaxis orders
  • patients receiving VTE prophylaxis within 24 hours

Women and Children's Care Center

  • obstetrical deliveries
  • Cesearean delivery rates
  • vaginal births after Cesarean deliveries
  • perineal laceration rates
  • neonatal mortality rates

Emergency Services

  • visit volume
  • ambulance diversion hours
  • ER visit admissions
  • percent who left without being seen
  • discharge time for non-admitted patients
  • registration to bed assignment time

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

  • CHF inpatients with LV function assessed
  • CHF low EF inpatients with ACEI/ARBs on DC
  • CHF patients receiving all six DC instructions

Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI)

  • AMI patients receiving aspirin and/or beta blockers within 24 hours of arrival
  • AMI patients receiving aspirin and/or beta blockers on discharge
  • AMI ACEI or ARB at DC for low EF patients
  • AMI percent PCI within 90 minutes

Pneumonia/Tobacco Control

  • pnemonia patients receiving antibiotics within 6 hours
  • pnemonia patients receiving blood culture prior to antibiotic
  • pnemonia patients receiving oxygenation assessment within 24 hours
  • pnemonia patients receiving appropriate antibiotic
  • pnemonia patients over 65 receiving pneumococcal vaccine
  • smokers with CHF, AMI, or pneumonia counseled

Delivery System Services

  • psychiatry consults
  • radiology imaging study volumes
  • CT volumes
  • MRI volumes
  • after-hours plain film resident miss rates
  • after-hours CT resident miss rates
  • clinical pathology billable test volumes
  • blood product unit volumes
  • red blood cell unit volumes
  • stat potassium turnaround times
  • autopsy rates
  • critical care consult volumes
  • organ donor consent rates
  • reported needlesticks and sharps
  • spash incidents
  • preventive facilities maintenance completed on schedule
  • delinquent medical records

Ambulatory Services

  • ambulatory visits
  • ob-gyn visits
  • Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics visits (teaching and nonteaching services)

Home Health Services

  • certified HHA and long-term HHCP visits
  • total CHHA and LTHHCP aide hours
  • admissions
  • LTHHCP census
  • unplanned, urgent medical care
  • DCs admitted for CHF fluid overload

Patient Safety

  • fall rates
  • restraint prevalence
  • pressure ulcer incidence in at-risk patients
  • inpatient prescribin errors
  • inpatient pharmacy interventions
  • inpatient dispensing and administration
  • inpatient adverse drug reactions

Customer Services

  • patient satisfaction
  • patients' overall rating of hospital
  • patients who would recommend the hospital

Complex Procedures

  • heart transplants
  • ventricular assist device cases
  • congenital open and closed cardiac cases
  • bone marrow transplants
  • kidney transplants
  • liver transplants

Care Management

  • IPA enrollees
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance admissions
  • CHF, diabetes, and care guidance program enrollees

Information Technology

  • clinical information system availability
  • GGG availability
  • number of bar-coded beds
  • CLF user days

Market Growth

  • discharges
  • 1-800-MD-MONTE calls
  • website traffic

Delivery System Integration

  • call center volume
  • number of scheduling calls
  • emergency department visits with primary care physician specified
  • discharges under full-risk capitation
  • discharges referrd to home care


  • case/payer mix indices
  • HMO discharges

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