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Department of Medicine Grand Rounds 2010-2011

Grand Rounds will resume in September 2011.

Time and Location 

8:00 am
Location: Forchheimer 1st Floor Lecture Hall, Einstein

12:15 pm
Cherkasky Auditorium, Montefiore

2010-2011 Schedule 

Topics and speakers are subject to change.

June 2011 

June 2
Inclusion to Engagement: Opportunities to Achieve Health Equity in Translational Research
Speaker: Giselle M Corbie-Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Host: Diversity Affairs

Pulmonary Hypertension: A Systematic Approach to a Complex Problem
Speaker: Richard N. Channick, MD, Harvard Medical School 

Past Grand Rounds 

May 2011 

May 5
State of the Department
Victor L. Schuster, Einstein/Montefiore

May 12
Beyond "Closed" ICUs: Organizing Critical Care for the 21st Century
Speaker: Jeremy M. Kahn, University of Pittsburgh
Host Division: Critical Care

May 19
SLE-OMICS: Comprehensive Snapshots of the Disease
Speaker: Chandra Mohan, UT/Southwestern
Host Division: Rheumatology

May 26
Ten Things They Never Told You About Bayes' Theorem in Medical School
Speaker: Robert Goodman, Einstein/Montefiore
Host Division: General Internal Medicine

April 2011 

April 7
Rifkin Lecture
Insulin Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes: Simple and Not So Simple
Speaker: Hannele Yki-Jarviner
Host Division: Endocrinology

April 14
The Role of the Gut Microbiome and Immune Activation in the Pathogenesis and Management of IBS
Speaker: William D. Chey
Host Division: Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases

April 21
No Grand Rounds Scheduled

April 28
Radiation Exposure
Speaker: Stephen Amis, Einstein/Montefiore
Host Division: Radiology 

March 2011 

March 3
Evidence-Based Opioid Prescribing for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain
Speaker: Joanna Starrels, Einstein/Montefiore
Host Division: General Internal Medicine

March 10
Emergencies in Dermatology
Speaker: Stephen Tyring, University of Texas
Host Division: Dermatology

March 17
Rising Plague: The Convergence of Antibiotic Resistance and Lack of Antibiotic Development
Speaker: Brad Spellberg, UCLA
Host Division: Infectious Diseases

March 24
Future of Medical Education: Back to Basics in a New World
Speaker: Larry Smith, Hofstra Medical School
Host Division: Medical Education

March 31
Angiotensin Receptors, the Kidney and Hypertension
Speaker: Thomas Coffman, MD, Duke University

February 2011 

February 3
Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: A Paradigm for Personalized Cancer Therapy
Speaker: Sanjay Goel, Einstein/Montefiore
Host Division: Oncology

February 10
Personalized Medicine: Antiplatelet Therapy 2011
Speaker: Barry Coller
Host Division: Hematology

February 17
C. difficile Infection: The Role of Fecal Transplantation
Speaker: Lawrence Brandt, Einstein/Montefiore 
Host Division: Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases

February 24
Pre- Versus Post-Capillary Pulmonary Hypertension: Same or Different Diseases?
Speaker: Ronald Zolty, Einstein/Montefiore
Host Division: Cardiology

January 2011 

January 6
Environmental Epigenetics, Asthma and other Lung Diseases
Speaker: Rachel Miller, Columbia University
Host Division: Allergy-Immunology

January 13
Studying Challenging Clinical Cases in Acute Care Medicine: The Role of Qualitative Analysis
Speaker: Daniel Raemer, Ph.D.,  Harvard
Host Division: Medical Education

January 20
The Family Health Care Decisions Act: What You Need to Know
Speaker: Hannah I. Lipman, Einstein/Montefiore
Host Division: Geriatrics

January 27
Grand Rounds cancelled due to inclement weather
Vasoactive Drugs in Septic Shock: Immunomodulatory Effects
Speaker: Keith Walley, University of British Columbia
Host Division: Critical Care

December 2010 

December 2
Our Grandparents, Our Parents, Our Future Selves: Optimizing Function in Old Age
Speaker: Thomas Gill, Yale University
Host Division: Geriatrics

December 9
The Epidemic of Cardiovascular Disease in the Developing World: Global Implications
Speaker: Bernard Gersh, Mayo Clinic
Host Division: Cardiology (Scheuer)

December 16
Amyloidosis: Unfolding the Cure
Speaker: Clement Tagoe, Montefiore Medical Center
Host Division: Rheumatology

November 2010 

November 4
Diagnosis & Management of Thrombocytopenia: New Developments
Speaker: James Bussell, Weill Cornell 
Host Division: Hematology

November 11
What’s New in Malaria: Diagnostics, Artemisinin and Severe Disease
Speaker: Johanna Daily, Einstein/Montefiore
Host Division: Infectious Disease

November 18
Speaker: Ruth Freeman, Einstein/Montefiore
Host Division: Endocrinology

October 2010 

October 7
Liver Transplantation: Pre and Post Operative Management For Internists
Speaker: Paul Gaglio, Montefiore Medical Center
NOTE: 8:00 am at Einstein only
Host Division: GI/Liver

October 14
Redesigning Primary Care for Chronic Disease 
Speaker: Richard Grant, Massachusetts General Hospital
Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center
Host Division: General Internal Medicine

October 21
Minimally Invasive Procedures for Management of Pulmonary Disorders 
Speaker: Maria Cirino, Einstein/Montefiore
Host Division: Pulmonary

October 28
Therapeutic Approaches to Genetic Skin Diseases: RDEB as the Prototype
Speaker: David T. Woodley, University of Southern California
Host Division: Dermatology

September 2010 

September 16
Chronic Kidney Disease
Speaker: Thomas Hostetter and Carolyn Bauer, Einstein/Montefiore
Host Division: Nephrology

September 23
Bipolar Disorder
Speaker: Bruce Schwartz, MD,
NOTE: 12:15 pm at Montefiore Medical Center only

September 30
Refusal of Treatment: A Medical-Ethical-Legal Autopsy
Speakers: Maria Gomez, MD; Philip Lief, MD; Hannah Lipman, MD; Laura Mansfield, RN, MSN; Vincent Pantone, MD; Loren Ratner, JD
NOTE: 12:15 pm at Montefiore Medical Center only

Previous Years 




Thursday, October 23, 2014

Screening and Linkage to Care for Hepatitis C: Pathway to the Cure
Jonathan Schwartz, MD
8:00 AM : Forchheimer Medical Science Building 3rd Floor Lecture Hall

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