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Rosemarie Conigliaro, MD

Choosing a residency program is one of the most important career decisions you will make. Three years of training at Montefiore Medical Center, the only academic medical center in the Bronx, will provide you with a sound educational foundation, superb clinical skills, and the ability to effectively manage even the most complex patient cases.

Montefiore’s designation as the University Hospital for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine ensures that we guide residents to develop outstanding teaching skills, meet the highest scientific research standards, and provide comprehensive, compassionate patient care.

  • Our Patients: Montefiore is the only academic medical center in the Bronx, a vibrant, busy borough and one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the country. Our large, underserved patient population presents residents with the unique opportunity to treat a broad, challenging array of diseases ranging from the common to the esoteric. 
  • Our Faculty: Our attending physicians demonstrate a superb mix of seasoned, tried-and-true patient care methods and innovative approaches to patients' complex social needs. Our residents tell us that they feel valued by the attendings, and our attendings say that they learn from the residents on a daily basis.
  • Research Opportunities: In addition to intensive inpatient and outpatient care experience, residents have ample opportunity for electives and dedicated research time throughout their training. Residents are encouraged to present their work at national meetings and at our annual Resident and Fellow Research Symposium. (video)
  • The People: Our Firm system allows for close camaraderie with fellow residents as well as dedicated mentoring and supervision.
  • Your Future: Our graduates have a proven track record of becoming outstanding primary care physicians or, if they choose, successfully obtaining competitive subspecialty fellowships.

One of my colleagues, currently the clinical director of Montefiore's Medical Oncology Service and a former faculty member at Mt. Sinai and Memorial Sloan-Kettering, recently commented, "The residents coming out of our program for fellowship are as well if not better trained than those I have seen at other major academic programs." 

Our graduating residents consistently report that their training experience at Montefiore has prepared them well: As one resident recently told us, "When you’re finished with Montefiore, you’re ready for anything." 

I am proud to be part of such an outstanding team and dynamic environment. I invite you to explore our website and consider what your place at Einstein Montefiore could be. 

Rosemarie Conigliaro, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine, Department of Medicine (General Internal Medicine)
Assistant Dean
Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program 

Yaron Tomer, MD, FACP

The Einstein-Montefiore Internal Medicine Residency Programs offer a rich, unique educational experience, combining the best of science and humanism. We strive to thoroughly prepare trainees for the next phase in their careers, whether primary care medicine, subspecialty training, or academic teaching and research.

Pervasive Excellence in Teaching, Patient Care, and Research 

The Einstein-Montefiore residency has a unique feel that comes from our longstanding social commitment to our community and others in need.

Our program offers:

Approachability and Learning at Every Level 

We strive to minimize the stress inherent in life as a resident, and to maximize your learning in an exciting environment led by an enlightened program director.

At Einstein-Montefiore, you will experience:

  • outstanding department leadership and attending physicians dedicated to resident teaching
  • the right mix of lectures, case discussions, rounds, and clinics
  • funny, outspoken, intelligent, driven, friendly house officers
  • smart medical students who challenge you to teach and learn

Unparalleled Patient Volume and Diversity 

Einstein-Montefiore’s New York City location means that our residents treat patients from a demographically heterogeneous inner city and immigrant population. We see men and women of all races, with an extensive variety of conditions, psychosocial backgrounds, personal and financial resources. Graduated residents tell us that they can handle any clinical situation because, at some point in their training with us, they've seen it.

With a substantial patient volume to serve as your teaching material, real responsibility for your patients (not a hands-off "boutique" exposure), and strong subspecialties and fellowships to help you with complicated cases, you will gain a mature, knowledgeable, seasoned approach to patient care well beyond that of your peers in other residency programs.

As Chair of this diverse and dynamic department, I am proud of our training program, and invite you to consider our program as the next phase in your medical career.

Yaron Tomer, MD, FACP
Professor of Medicine
Chair, Department of Medicine


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