Primary Care & Social Internal Medicine Residency

Primary Care and Social Internal Medicine Curriculum

"Residency training is a challenging transition to becoming a physician, and it is easy to see how residents lose their idealism and activism. The PCSM program is like a vaccination to that change."

—Minesh Shah, Program Graduate
Clinical Educator, University of Illinois Medical Center

Ambulatory Curriculum: The "Core Curriculum"
The unified core curriculum, the foundation of our rigorous program, is delivered during ambulatory block months during the 3 years of residency. 

Residency Scholarly and Advocacy Projects
All PC/SM residents develop basic research and/or advocacy skills by completing an independent scholarly or advocacy project during the course of residency training. 

Global Health Training
Diverse exposure to global health training, with actively involved faculty, global health immersion for second-year residents, and the opportunity to spend a month at a rural hospital in Kisoro, Uganda.

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