Division of Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Weiguo Han, Ph.D.

Weiguo Han, Ph.D.

Associate, Department of Medicine (Pulmonary Medicine)

Professional Interests

I am interested in exploring genetic and epigenetic biomarkers for lung cancer. My long-term objective is to understand how abberant DNA methylation affects gene expression, and how it can be reduced or prevented.


  • exploring individual susceptibility biomarkers for lung cancer 

  • methylation and its function on gene regulation 

  • manipulating DNA methylation in vitro and in vivo 

Current Projects

  • Multiplex approach to DNA methylation assays in exhaled breath condensate 

  • Functional evaluation of DNA methylation on gene expression


Selected Publications


  1. Tan XL, Marquardt G, Massimi AB, Shi M, Han W, Spivack SD. High-Throughput Library Screening Identifies two Novel NQO1 Inducers in Human Lung Cells. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2011 Oct 20.
  2. Tan XL, Shi M, Tang H, Han W, Spivack SD. Candidate dietary phytochemicals modulate expression of phase II enzymes GSTP1 and NQO1 in human lung cells. J Nutr. 2010 Aug;140(8):1404-10.
  3. Tan XL, Wang T, Xiong S, Kumar SV, Han W, Spivack SD. Smoking-Related Gene Expression in Laser Capture-Microdissected Human Lung. Clin Cancer Res. 2009 Dec 15;15(24):7562-7570.
  4. Han W, Wang T, Reilly AA, Keller SM, Spivack SD. Gene promoter methylation assayed in exhaled breath, with differences in smokers and lung cancer patients. Respir Res. 2009 Sep 25;10:86.
  5. Tan XL, Moslehi R, Han W, Spivack SD. Haplotype-tagging single nucleotide polymorphisms in the GSTP1 gene promoter and susceptibility to lung cancer. Cancer Detect Prev. 2009;32(5-6):403-15.
  6. Mu F, Niu D, Mu J, He B, Han W, Fan B, Huang S, Qiu Y, You B, Chen W. The expression and antigenicity of a truncated spike-nucleocapsid fusion protein of severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus. BMC Microbiol. 2008 Nov 28;8:207.
  7. Wang J, McMichael AJ, Meng B, Becker NG, Han W, Glass K, Wu J, Liu X, Liu J, Li X, Zheng X. Spatial dynamics of an epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome in an urban area. Bull World Health Organ. 2006 Dec;84(12):965-8.
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  11. Han W, Pentecost BT, Spivack SD. Functional evaluation of novel single nucleotide polymorphisms and haplotypes in the promoter regions of CYP1B1 and CYP1A1 genes. Mol Carcinog. 2003 Jul;37(3):158-69. 

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