Division of Pulmonary Medicine


Research is discussed and encouraged throughout the training period, though mostly concentrated during the third year.

Fellows are enrolled in a clinical epidemiology/research methodology course offered by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at the start of the third year. Research mentors are chosen by the fellow. Full-time members of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine are actively engaged in basic and/or clinical research ranging from studies of respiratory and vascular physiology to clinical studies on pathophysiology and treatment. Fellows have the opportunity to work in any of these laboratories as well as in a variety of basic science laboratories at the medical school.

We believe that the discipline and perspective from independent work in the study and evaluation of some aspect of chest medicine is an important ingredient in training pulmonary physicians. Accordingly, each fellow is expected to do a piece of original work that may range from laboratory to clinical research. It is expected that this will culminate in a written manuscript and regional and/or national presentation of the findings.

In addition, case studies of interesting patient presentations are constantly being written and submitted to the major medical journals. One or more additional years of research training are available to individuals with suitable background and interest.

The program’s size and diversity provide the opportunity for considerable flexibility so that individuals with strong research interests may arrange to spend time in laboratory or clinical research whereas others have the opportunity to do more intensive clinical work. 

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