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The Einstein-Montefiore combined Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship, a rigorous 3-year program, provides academically stimulating pulmonary and critical care medicine training based on the direct investigation and treatment of patients. Fellows develop skill in performing and interpreting pulmonary function tests, become facile in chest medicine diagnostic procedures, and gain acquisition of complicated concepts of pulmonary science. Upon completion of the program, fellows are able to practice medicine in any chosen environment.

Fellows are trained to use state-of-the-art equipment at two New York City Bronx campuses. Training emphasizes the fundamentals of pulmonary physiology, and fellows learn to recognize uncommon syndromes or unusual presentations of common conditions, approach treatment plans with familiarity of the current literature, and apply this to the unique elements of each patient. The program prides itself on fellows’ sensitivity when working with patients and colleagues.

Three or four fellows are selected from approximately 300 applications each year. Applications are submitted through the ERAS system. Einstein participates in the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).

The Division of Pulmonary Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has a rich history of delivering exceptional clinical care, inspirational instruction, and clinical and translational research. Having renewed growth under a new Chairman of Medicine, the Division is fully committed to upholding and enhancing this heritage by integrating the missions of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center and recruiting outstanding clinician-teachers, clinical scholars, and physician-scientists. We have added faculty in emerging fields, such as interventional pulmonary medicine, early lung cancer detection, lung transplantation medicine, tuberculosis, and are continuing to expand. Our Interventional Pulmonary Medicine Program is state-of-art, and includes the most advanced technologies available in New York City and its environs. Sleep Medicine laboratory has also expanded, as has our Pulmonary Function laboratory at the Moses and Weiler/Hutch metro Divisions.

Every fellow leaves the program with exceptional clinical experience, credentials, confidence,and many job offers. One of the Division's clinical strengths is the broad spectrum of conditions and diseases we identify and treat. These include: asthma, refractory cough, COPD, sleep disorders, environmental and interstitial lung diseases, lung nodule and tumor evaluation, infections, sleep-related disorders, rare diseases of the chest, and more. In an effort to optimize patient care, we collaborate in a multidisciplinary fashion, regularly interacting with other services, particularly internal medicine and subspecialties, thoracic surgery, medical and radiation oncology, and transplant surgery and medicine teams. With this exceptional clinical exposure, given the size of the campuses (>2000 beds, proportionate outpatient facilities, and a cachement area that goes up the Hudson Valley), and depth of expertise among faculty, fellows learn to recognize uncommon syndromes and approach treatment plans with the knowledge of current literature and skill to apply it to the unique elements of each patient. We select for, are extremely proud of, sensitivity to their patients and colleagues, knowing they will become the next generation of distinguished practitioners and clinician-teachers.

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine fellows work in an academically stimulating environment and train with outstanding clinicians and state-of-the-art equipment with an emphasis on the fundamentals of pulmonary physiology. Our teaching program is robust, with four new PCCM fellows entering each year. Our three-year combined Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship program encompasses a diverse range of patient diagnoses, research opportunities, and rotation environments - including Montefiore Medical Center's Moses Division; Weiler Division; Jacobi Medical Center, a large municipal hospital. Publications on clinical series routinely emerge from these encounters, and we also offer the opportunity to pursue additional formal training in clinical research through the Einstein coursework available, inclusive of the possibility of pursuing a Masters level degree in Clinical Research for selected applicants.

The Division's research endeavors have historically been physiologically and clinically oriented. Long-term members of our faculty have published seminal papers in hypoxia, cough, environmental lung disease, sickle cell chest disease, and sleep medicine, with much of the work ongoing. Currently some new investigative efforts are focused on lung cancer risk and detection biomarkers, including exfoliated and exhaled molecular approaches to measuring gene dysregulation that can be used for tracking early lung disease processes (i.e. carcinogenesis and inflammation) in ambulatory patients; other new studies include molecular prognostics, tuberculosis epidemiology and outcomes; and nascient research endeavors in airway interventional approaches, and other areas.

An aggregate of approximately one year of research is incorporated into the entire training period of the Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship, though the majority is concentrated during the second and third years. Fellows enroll in the clinical epidemiology/research methodology course offered by Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine during the first or second year and choose their research mentor, who will guide them through the investigative process.

Fellows may work on any of these projects, as well as in a variety of epidemiology, clinical trial, translational research, and basic science endeavors at Montefiore Medical Center or at the medical school (Einstein).

The program's size and diversity provide the opportunity for considerable flexibility so that individuals with strong research interests may arrange to spend time in laboratory or clinical research, whereas others have the opportunity to do more intensive clinical elective work.

Fellows are required to complete one original work that may range from clinical to laboratory research. It is expected that this project will culminate into a written manuscript and regional and/or national presentation of the findings. Additionally, interesting patient case study presentations are regularly written and submitted to the major medical journals.

Our goal is to develop outstanding Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine practitioners, teachers, ad investigators through a strong initial foundation in clinical research, and practise. For those seeking additional training, one or more additional years of research are potentially available to fellows with suitable backgrounds and interests.



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