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Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is much more common than thought in the past. Michal Melamed, M.D., MHS is a national expert in this area and has active studies in  the epidemiology of this condition as well as a clinical trial to assess the renal effects of vitamin D therapy.


Acute Kidney Injury

Active surgical , critical care and emergency departments provide many cases of acute kidney injury. Ladan Golestaneh, M.D. is studying acute renal failure.


Vascular Access

Dialysis catheters are commonly employed and give rise to many complications. Michele Mokrzycki ,M.D., MHS is an ational expert in this area and has studies examining the relation of inflammatory markers to complications as well as trials to examine preventive approaches.


Prostaglandin Metabolism

The renal transport mechanisms and action of prostaglandins are being studied by Victor Schuster, M.D. and his laboratory using cell biologic techniques and animal models.



The renal transplantation program is an area of investigation. Dr. Enver Akalin studies strategies for transplanting of ABO incompatible matches and gene expression as a prognostic tool. Maria Coco, M.D., MHS has a program in bone disease focusing on bone biopsy. She is studying bone disease post transplant as well as bone disease in other conditions.

Division Chief

Michael RossMichael Ross, MD (bio)
Chief, Division of Nephrology
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Telephone: 718-430-8768
Email: michael.ross@einstein.yu.edu 

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