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(2016 – 2017 ACADEMIC YEAR) 

Journal Club, is a requirement of the A.C.G.M.E., and takes place during our Grand Rounds at selected times of the year.  

Format and guidelines:

  1. A journal article of general I.D. interest is chosen by the fellow in consultation with the assigned faculty member.  Articles that address a common problem, a controversial area, or affect clinical management are usually best. There should be sufficient material to sustain a half hour of discussion. 
  2. The articles must be sent by e-mail to one of the divisional secretaries so it can be forwarded to all faculty and fellows in advance. 
  3. Everybody should read the article so they can participate in the discussion 
  4. The faculty member and fellow will collaborate so that a thorough yet succinct analysis can be presented. This is meant to be an educational experience for the fellow who is presenting it and for the entire audience.  
  5. A Power Point presentation should be used, so that key points, tables, figures, and study methods can be easily discussed.  
  6. The attending must be present for the presentation.  








December 14 Forch Margaret Aldrich Johanna Daily
February 15, 2017


Alexander Drelick

Victoria Muggia



March 22 Forch Laura Cheney

Joan Berman





April 19


Rachel Bartash

Belinda Ostrowsky   



May 10 Montefiore Ellen Wexler Barry Zingman



Conferences & Seminars

Grand Rounds will resume on Sept 6@ Einstein with our first fellowship interview day!!
Fellow's Presentation and End of Year Research Presentation
Drs. Ponce and Bartash
Wednesday, September 06, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Conference & Seminar Schedules

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