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Patients should make their own appointments whenever possible.

Appointments may be made by primary or consultant physicians, including both house staff and attending physicians, for inpatients being discharged from the hospital and in need of follow-up by an infectious diseases expert, and for outpatients who need evaluation of a suspected or confirmed infectious diseases problem. Please note that non-medical information such as insurance status and identification numbers are required to make an appointment.

A medical summary should be sent, either by giving to the patient to bring to their appointment, calling the I.D. physician, or fax. Please note that some Infectious Disease physicians do primary care, but others do not.

Home care orders, including orders for antibiotics, may not be made in an infectious diseases doctor's name simply because an appointment has been made, unless doing so has been explicitly discussed with and okayed by that infectious disease doctor.

The following Einstein-Montefiore Infectious Disease attending physicians currently do outpatient consultations:

Medical Arts Pavilion
3400 Bainbridge Avenue
Bronx, NY 10467

2nd floor, Faculty Practice

Peter Alpert, M.D., 718-920-7364

Robert Grossberg, M.D., 718-920-5276

Lawrence Hanau, M.D., Ph.D., 718-920-7363

Robert Klein, M.D., 866-633-8255

Barry Zingman, M.D., 718-920-2647

8th floor, Medical Group

Noah Robbins, M.D., 718-920-8888

Montefiore Medical Park
1575 Blondell Avenue
2nd floor, Faculty Practice

Simone Saltzman, M.D., 866-633-8255

Louis Weiss, M.D., 866-633-8255

Conferences & Seminars

Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds@ Moses
Visiting Professor: Dr. Roy Gulick (Moses)
Rochelle Belfer Professor in Medicine Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases Weill Cornell Medicine "Controversies in Antiretroviral Therapy"
Wednesday, March 01, 2017 @ 8:30 AM

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