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Our investigators advance the study of infectious diseases and the pathogens that cause them through hands-on field work supporting basic science research as well as investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored clinical trials. more info 


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Patient Care & Clinical Services 

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COVID-19: What you need to know from Montefiore 

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Liise-anne Pirofksi, M.D.Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic with Antibodies and a Patient Database
Along with many other Einstein and Montefiore scientists and physicians, infectious disease expert Liise-anne Pirofski, M.D., is working overtime to confront COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. 

How blood from coronavirus survivors might save lives 

Dr. Liise-anne Pirofski Speaks to CNN About New COVID-19 Clinical Trial 


JCI article on SARS-Cov-2 viral and antibody kinetics argues that convalescent plasma (CP) therapy functions differently early and late in COVID-19. 

JCI article Kinetics of Viral Load and Antibody Response in Relation to COVID-19 Severity.

Pathogenesis of COVID-19 from the Perspective of the Damage-Response Framework


Barry S. ZingmanTrial for Potential Coronavirus Treatment is Underway at Montefiore and Einstein 
Montefiore Health System and Albert Einstein College of Medicine has joined a clinical trial to evaluate the experimental drug remdesivir to treat people who are hospitalized with severe COVID-19 infection.

Hydroxychloroquine Clinical Trials Underway in New York to Treat Coronavirus Patients  


Priya NoriAntibiotic treatment for COVID-19 complications could fuel resistant bacteria 
“We tend not to hold back on antibiotics in these patients,” Nori says, especially when that decision could mean life or death. “Is that a bad thing right now? I have trouble saying that it is.” 


Vagish HemmigeRachel BartashCovid-19 and Kidney Transplantation 
To the Editor: Kidney-transplant recipients appear to be at particularly high risk for critical Covid-19 illness due to chronic immunosuppression and coexisting conditions.   


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Division Chief

Liise-anne Pirofski, M.D.

Liise-anne Pirofski, M.D. (Bio)
Professor, Department of Medicine (Infectious Diseases)
Professor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology
Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases , Department of Medicine
Selma and Dr. Jacques Mitrani Chair in Biomedical Research


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A 33 year old man presented with three days of fevers of 102 to 103oF and myalgias ...  more info 


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