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Faculty & Research 

Our investigators advance the study of infectious diseases and the pathogens that cause them through hands-on field work supporting basic science research as well as investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored clinical trials. more info 


Education & Training

Education & Training 


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Patient Care & Clinical Services

Patient Care & Clinical Services 

Schedule an appointment, refer a patient, Einstein-Montefiore ID treatment centers. more info 




Policies, schedules, antibiotic booklet, and useful links. more info 

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Understanding drivers of influenza-like illness presenteeism within training programs: A survey of trainees and their program directors 


Jacqueline M. Achkar Recognizing Early-Stage TB
Tuberculosis is a leading cause of global mortality, responsible for around 1.6 million deaths each year.


Theresa F. MadalineDr. Theresa Madaline Named Montefiore Healthcare Epidemiologist
We are very pleased to announce that Theresa Madaline, MD, has been appointed to the role of Healthcare Epidemiologist for Montefiore Health System.


Matthew AkiyamaDr. Matthew Akiyama Selected to Serve on Hepatitis C Elimination Task Force 
Dr. Matthew Akiyama, clinician-investigator and assistant professor of Medicine in the divisions of General Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, has been selected by Governor Andrew Cuomo to serve as a member of the newly-formed Hepatitis C Elimination Task Force that will advise the state on how to end the “silent” epidemic that affects an estimated 200,000 New Yorkers. Read more  


Johanna P. Daily, M.D.,  M.S.Plasmodium falciparum
— the most lethal of the five parasitic species that cause malaria. She regularly travels to sub-Saharan Africa, the region hardest hit by the disease.


John Chan, M.D.Immune Evasion in TB Infection Immune Evasion in TB Infection Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the tuberculosis (TB) bacterium, is notorious for evading the body’s immune response.


Joshua D. Nosanchuk, M.D.A Champion for future Generations
You could argue that Dr. Nosanchuk has already done more than enough to strengthen the ID field throughout his illustrious career.

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Division Chief

Liise-anne Pirofski, M.D.

Liise-anne Pirofski, M.D. (Bio)
Professor, Department of Medicine (Infectious Diseases)
Professor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology
Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases , Department of Medicine
Selma and Dr. Jacques Mitrani Chair in Biomedical Research


Case of the Month


A 59 year old man with HIV infection, COPD, and heart failure developed shortness of breath. He had been hospitalized two weeks earlier for pneumonia and a COPD exacerbation and was treated with ceftriaxone and then cefpodoxime to complete a 7 day course... more info 


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Infectious Diseases Grand Rounds at Einstein
Journal Club
Dr. Azeem
Wednesday, November 20, 2019 @ 8:30 AM

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