Division of Geriatrics

Outpatient Geriatric Care

Comprehensive geriatric care services including evaluation and assessment for falls, dementia, osteoporosis, elder abuse and neglect; treatment of acute and chronic medical problems; referral and coordination of geriatric psychiatry and neurology, specialty care, and home care; social work consultations; nursing home placement and PRI completion; hospital care.

Aging and Memory
Caring, family-centered medical and psychosocial evaluation and ongoing care of older adults with dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.

Comprehensive Bone Center
Evaluation of osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases in older adults. Osteoporosis screening, nutrition and exercise advice, treatment, fracture prevention, and research.

Elder Abuse and Neglect
For potential victims and their caregivers: evaluation and referral to community-based services for social and legal assistance.

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