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The Einstein-Montefiore GeriEd Program is a geriatrics training program that improves physician’s skills and knowledge of geriatric medicine, with a special focus on older adults with complex medical and neurologic disease such as dementia, falls and delirium. The GeriEd program develops and enhances the medical school curriculum in geriatrics and provides activities to stimulate medical students’ interest in geriatrics. The learners include internists, family physicians, hospitalists, and emergency medicine physicians, as well as residents and medical students.

In 2006, the Einstein-Montefiore Division of Geriatrics was selected by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation to receive a four-year, $1.9 million training grant, enabling the Division to create a comprehensive program that impacts geriatric education for both primary care physicians and medical trainees. The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation is a national philanthropic organization founded in 1954 by the late media entrepreneur for whom it is named. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is one of the largest private foundations in the United States.

Undergraduate Medical Student Activities 

Geriatrics Undergraduate Medical Education

  1. Activities Across the 4-Year Curriculum
    • Einstein Aging Mentorship Program
      Provides faculty mentors in geriatrics and aging-related fields for Einstein medical students.

      Established in 2006, the Einstein Aging Mentorship Program provides faculty mentors in geriatrics and aging-related fields for Einstein medical students. Students are paired with clinical and research faculty who are available to advise them about summer research opportunities, electives and rotation selections, career paths and serve as a faculty advisor for the required Independent Study Paper (ISP).

      Faculty mentors have been drawn from the fields of Geriatrics, Neurology, Geriatric Psychiatry, Bioethics and Molecular Genetics.

      Contact Information 

      Amy R. Ehrlich, MD

    • Einstein Student Chapter of the American Geriatrics Society
      An active student group providing opportunity for informal interactions with research and clinical faculty in aging-related fields.

      Founded in 2001, the Einstein Student Chapter of the American Geriatrics Society is an active student group which hosts monthly meetings at the medical school. The chapter provides pre-clinical students the opportunity to have informal interactions with both research and clinical faculty involved in the field of aging.

      Faculty Advisors 

      Amy R. Ehrlich, MD, aehrlich@montefiore.org
      Debra Greenberg MSW PhD, dgreenbe@montefiore.org 

    • Student Research in Geriatrics and Aging-related Disciplines
      Opportunities for faculty-mentored basic or clinical research related to aging and/or geriatrics.

      Sponsored by the Jack and Pearl Resnick Gerontology Center

      Students who are interested in basic or clinical research related to aging and/or geriatrics are encouraged to contact Dr. Laurie Jacobs, Director of the Jack and Pearl Resnick Gerontology Center, to identify potential mentors for research projects throughout Einstein and Montefiore (senior faculty and junior faculty who have been awarded Resnick Center pilot grants).

      In addition, assistance is provided to students applying for the AFAR MSTAR program and other research and clinical programs in aging-related fields and geriatrics.

      Contact Information 

      Laurie G. Jacobs, MD, laurie.jacobs@einstein.yu.edu 

  2. Pre-Clinical Activities (Year 1 or 2)
    • Introduction to the Patient Course (ICM)
      A small group classroom-based course which includes geriatrics content on sexuality and aging, Medicare and Medicaid, home care, ethics, and elder abuse.
    • ICM Clinical Experience Program in Geriatric Medicine
      Exposes students to the unique issues involved in providing medical care to older adults and introduces basic medical interviewing skills utilized in clinical patient encounters.

      The Program in Geriatric Medicine was first offered in 2002. This program is designed to expose students to the unique issues that are involved in providing medical care to older adults while introducing students to the basic medical interviewing skills that are utilized in clinical encounters with patients. Fifteen to twenty first year medical students see patients in seven academic and community based geriatrics clinical sites, which include an ambulatory geriatric practice, home visit program, and long-term care.

      Students spend a half-day a week over a 6-month period working with an attending geriatrician. At their primary sites, students learn to obtain a complete medical history with particular focus on issues central to geriatrics. These comprise the mental status exam, the social and functional history, and palliative care.

      Students work with a multidisciplinary team and come to understand how health care professionals from a number of disciplines are required to provide care for the complex geriatric patient. They also participate in group sessions where they explore the topics of dementia, depression, healthy aging and the impact of chronic illness on the patient and their families. The groups explore these issues through interviews with patients and their families. Students from all sites are exposed to home visiting as an integral part of the care of the frail, homebound elderly.

      The program is held at multiple sites:

      1. Montefiore Medical Center
      2. Hebrew Home Aged-Riverdale
      3. Beth Abraham - Comprehensive Care Management (Bronx)
      4. Beth Abraham - Comprehensive Care Management (Chinatown)
      5. The Jewish Home & Hospital
      6. Private Geriatrics Practices-Bronx  


      Amy Ehrlich, MD

    • Successful Aging Module
      Provides students with a continuity experience with a community-dwelling older adult.

      This module, designed for selected students enrolled in the ICM Clinical Experience Geriatric Medicine Program, provides students a continuity experience with a community-dwelling older adult.

      Students complete an in-depth medical and psychosocial history over the course of three home visits.  These healthy older adults are all residents of a NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community).

      The Einstein Division of Geriatrics is a recipient of an Einstein Grant for Excellence in Medical Education.  This funding allows the Clinical Experience Program in Geriatric Medicine to offer some students the opportunity to have an ongoing relationship with a community dwelling older person.  These encounters will occur in the older person’s home and will introduce the concept of healthy and successful aging into the curriculum.


      Amy Ehrlich, MD

    • Faculty Development: Geriatrics Program Preceptors
      A half-day faculty development course offered annually to community geriatricians.

      A half-day faculty development course is offered annually to the community geriatricians in the ICM Geriatric Medicine Program.

      Past programs have included:

      • Ethical Principles in Geriatrics
      • Teaching Oral Presentation Skills
      • Motivational Interviewing for the Geriatrics Patient
      • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment


      Amy Ehrlich, MD

    • Nervous System and Human Behavior Course
      A 12-week second-year course which includes geriatrics content focusing on cognition.

      The Learning and Memory module, a 12-week second-year course, focuses on cognition with considerable content related to geriatric neurology and aging. The module includes sessions covering:

      • movement disorders
      • aging and dementia
      • Alzheimer’s disease
      • vascular diseases of the central nervous system
      • higher nervous system function
      • attention
      • memory and amnesia
      • clinical neurology


      Joe Verghese, M.B., B.S.

    • Clinical Examination Geriatrics Assessment Workshop
      A half-day geriatrics assessment workshop in the second year, emphasizing physical and cognitive function. more info 
  3. Clinical Curriculum Activities (Years 3 and 4)
    • Geriatrics Clerkship
      A 2-week required rotation providing clinical exposure to the acute, ambulatory, home and long term care settings. Seminars and workshops in geriatric assessment, medication management, palliative and hospice care, hazards of hospitalization, healthcare finance and community services, and geriatric nutrition are provided as part of the core curriculum. more info 

Resident Training Activities 

  1. Geriatrics Residency Rotation
    Required rotation for internal and family medicine residents encompassing experiences in inpatient, ambulatory, home visiting, and long-term care. more info 
  2. Geriatrics Training for Primary Care Residents and Faculty Preceptors
    Geriatrics “co-precepting” by geriatricians is offered for primary care internal medicine and family medicine residents within their primary care clinic sites. These sessions offer geriatrics expertise to both the residents and their primary care faculty preceptors in a patient-based clinic session.
  3. Geriatrics Resident Report
    Small-group, case-based discussions with faculty covering geriatrics primary care clinic patients.
  4. Geriatrics Lecture Series for Residents and Faculty
    Seminars and lectures are offered to emergency medicine residents and faculty, hospitalists, primary care clinicians, orthopedists and other clinical specialists covering a broad curriculum of geriatric medicine topics. More info 
  5. Healthcare Policy Review
    Small-group, case-based discussion with faculty focused on healthcare systems and transitions of care.

Practicing Physician Activities 

Activities for attending physicians including hospitalists, emergency medicine, internal medicine, and family medicine: geriatrics consults, training, lecture series, Geriatrics Champions, faculty development activities, and quality improvement in medication management are offered. more info 

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