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Gary J. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Dr. Gary J. Schwartz

Professional Interests

Gary J. Schwartz, Ph.D., studies how the gut and the brain interact with each other to regulate food intake and associated metabolic processes.  Dr. Schwartz and his colleagues aim to identify therapeutic targets for eating behaviors associated with obesity, diabetes and related diseases.

Dr. Schwartz has described the role of the gut afferent nerves, particularly the vagus nerve, in communicating nutritional information to the brain. The Schwartz laboratory also investigates how exposing specific hypothalamic and brainstem neurons to different nutrients and metabolites controls feeding behavior and influences glucose metabolism.

Dr. Schwartz’s recent work focuses on the actions of the essential amino acid leucine in the brainstem dorsal vagal complex, and its role in limiting meal size through its interactions with two important signaling pathways: mTOR-S6K and ERK1/2.


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Media Coverage

Times of India reports on research aided by Dr. Gary Schwartz that establishes a new pathway for fat cells to communicate with the brain.

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