Division of Endocrinology & Diabetes

Diabetes Research Center Conferences

2010-11 Conference Schedule

Fridays, 9-10 AM
LeFrak Auditorium, Rm 151,1st Floor
Price Center/Block Research Pavilion

April 22, 2011

April 29, 2011
Dr. Sree Nair
Mayo Clinic

May 6, 2011
Dr. Irwin Kurland

May 13, 2011
Dr. James "Ernie" Blevin
University of Washington

Past Events

January 21, 2011
Dr. Streamson Chua

January 14, 2011
Dr. Jonathan Bogan
Yale University School of Medicine

January 4, 2011
"Type 2 Diabetes in the Post-GWA Area--Revisiting the Role of Genetics vs. the Fetal Environment"
Dr. Allan Vaag
Chief Physician at Steno Diabetes Center, Denmark

December 10, 2010
"Novel Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance: Why is Insulin Resistant Muscle 'Exercise Resistant'?"
Dr. Lawrence Mandarino
Arizona State University

December 3, 2010
"Extramyocellular Determinants of Insulin Resistance to Muscle Glucose Uptake"
Dr. David Wasserman
Vanderbilt University, Medical Center

November 12, 2010
"Brain Glucose and Glycogen Metabolism in Diabetes and Hypoglycemia Unawareness"
Dr. Elizabeth Seaquist
University of Minnesota, Medical Center

November 19, 2010
"Nuclear Receptors and the Epigenomic Regulation of Metabolism"
Dr. Mitchell Lazar
University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine

January 28, 2011
Dr. Jan Vijg

February 4, 2011
"Role of Melanocortins in Regulating Pubertal Development and Reproduction"
Dr. Streamson Coo Chua
Professor of Medicine (Endocrinology) and Neuroscience, Einstein/Montefiore 

 February 11, 2011
Dr. Anthony Ferrante
Columbia Medical School

February 18, 2011
Dr. Howard Strickler

February 25, 2011
Dr. Gil Atzmon

March 4, 2011
Dr. Jeffrey Pessin

March 11, 2011
Dr. Martin Surks

March 18, 2011
Dr. Steven Kahn
University of Washington

March 25, 2011
Dr. Yousin Suh

April 1, 2011
Dr. Ross Cagan
Mt. Sinai

April 8, 2011
Dr. Hannele Yki-Jarvinen
University of Helsinki

 April 15, 2011
Dr. Michael Rosenfeld
University of California, San Diego



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