Division of Dermatology


Friedman to Speak at Drug Delivery Global Summit

Adam Friedman, MD

Dr. Adam Friedman has been invited as a distinguished featured speaker at the Drug Delivery Global Summit in London, England, May 24-25. He will present a talk entitled, "The emerging role of nanotechnology in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of skin disease."

Dr. Friedman has been previous recognized for his work on therapeutic applications of nanoparticles, including the Dermatologist Investigator Research Fellowship for his project entitled "Antimicrobial and Wound Healing Impact of Nitric Oxide Releasing Nanoparticles in a Diabetes Model" and an interview in Dermatology Times on the efficacy of nitric-oxide-releasing nanoparticles for treating full-thickness wounds infected with MRSA.

See the Drug Delivery Global Summit website for information regarding the conference.

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