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Basic Science/Translational Research Fellowship

The Einstein-Montefiore Dermatology Basic Science and Translation Research Fellowship provides in-depth experience in the basic research of cutaneous biology, disease processes, and drug development.

The program offers basic research experience tailored to each fellow's needs. Working with academic basic science researchers and clinicians, fellows gain the skills for future careers in investigative dermatology.

Fellowship Goals 

  • Further develop skills in the planning and implementation of specific experiments/projects
  • Further develop skills in microbiological bench technique as well as data analysis
  • Further gain experience with the pathogenesis of disease states in both an in vitro and in vivo setting
  • Further develop effective interpersonal and communication skills to bridge the divide between the scientist and the clinician/clinical researcher
  • Become familiar with regulations at the Federal and State level that govern current approaches and tools for conducting in vitro microbiological work as well as in vivo animal work
  • Further develop an understanding of the drug development process from the bench to early clinical evaluations (i.e. phase 1 clinical trials)
  • Become familiar with the administrative and leadership requirements needed to function as a principal investigator with a designated laboratory space
  • Develop the skills necessary to effectively compile program project grant applications and function as a competitive applicant for said funding sources

Fellows will be co-mentored and under the guidance of Dr. Adam Friedman, Division of Dermatology.

Admission and Application 

Interested applicants please contact:

Adam Friedman, M.D. 

Current Fellows

  • Allison Kutner, MSIII, Einstein
  • Joy Makdisi MSIII, Einstein

Past Fellows

  • David Schairer MSIV, Einstein
  • Jason Chouake MSIV, Einstein
  • Karin Blecher, MD, Transitional Intern, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Matched - Dermatology, Einstein
  • Laura Englander, MD, Dermatology Resident, Cornell
  • Alaleh Akhavan, MD, Dermatology Resident, Einstein


About the Division

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Contact the Division

Karen Grant, MS
Residency Program Administrator
3411 Wayne Ave,
2nd Floor,
Bronx, NY, 10467
Phone: (718) 920-2680



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