Einstein/Montefiore Division of Critical Care Medicine

Regional Organizational Projects

  1. Critical Care Leadership Network, Greater New York Hospital Association-United Hospital Fund. Chairman of the Steering Committee: V. Kvetan, MD. Organization of 68 hospitals with 143 intensive care units focused on development of funded research network and regular CME program for NY Metropolitan intensivists 2006-10.
  2. Critical Care Medicine Day. Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Chair, V. Kvetan, MD, M. Karwa, MD. One day symposium on interdisciplinary critical care and disaster medicine. 2006.
  3. Palliative and Critical Care Symposium. NY Academy of Medicine. R Curtis, MD, Chair, V Kvetan, MD, Faculty. June 2006.
  4. Annual NY Metropolitan Symposium on Critical Care Management:Chronic Critical Illness. NY Academy of Sciences. V Kvetan, MD, Chair. December 2004.
  5. Annual NY Metropolitan Symposium on Critical Care Management:Costs and Outcomes. NY Academy of Sciences. V Kvetan, MD, Chair. December 2003.
  6. Advanced Nurse Practitioner Program. Critical Care/Emergency Medicine. Columbia University School of Nursing, 1997 to 1999.
  7. Advanced Curriculum for Pulmonary & CCM Fellows at AECOM. AAMEG Committee. Section Co-Chairs: V. Kvetan, MD, S. Scharf, MD. 1997 to 1998.
  8. Task Force on the Care of Critically Ill Patients at MMC. Chair: V. Kvetan, MD, Co-Chairs: J. Gold, MD, E. Brennan, RN, S. Safyer, MD, 1997 to 1999.
  9. Einstein ICU Study Group: Clinical Trials Consortium. Coordinator: V. Kvetan, MD. Initiated October, 1995. 19 intensive care units entered.
  10. Pulmonary & Critical Care Research Symposium of Albert Einstein College of Medicine Affiliated Hospitals. Co-chairs: V. Kvetan, MD, H. Steinberg, MD, T.K. Aldrich, MD, M. Rosen, MD, A. Miller, MD. Initiated May 1995.


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