Einstein/Montefiore Division of Critical Care Medicine

Areas of Investigation

  1. Goal-directed ultrasonography and echocardiography in Critical Care Medicine simulation training and novel training techniques to improve medical training (Ariel L. Shiloh, MD)
  2. Prevention of acute critical illnesses and acute organ failure like ARDS (Michelle Ng Gong, MD)
  3. Predicting, preventing and treatment of delirium and cognitive decline in patients in the intensive care unit (S. Jean Hsieh, MD; Michelle Ng Gong, MD)
  4. Health disparities in acute critical Illness (Michelle Ng Gong, MD, Graciela Soto, MD)
  5. Critical care outcomes of frail individuals (Aluko Hope, MD, S. Jean Hsieh, MD)
  6. Investigation of cough reflex sensitivity using the capsaicin challenge model to examine differences between patients and the effects of medications and other interventions (Peter Dicpinigaitis, MD
  7. Use of ultrasound, simulation, and airway training to enhance medical education and patient outcomes (Lewis Eisen, MD)
  8. Smoking exposure and development of delirium in patients admitted to the intensive care unit (S. Jean Hsieh, MD; Michelle Ng Gong, MD)
  9. Compliance with palliative care bundles and family satisfaction with ICU care (Adam Keene, MD)
  10. Optimization of early mobilization on physical and cognitive function in survivors of critical illness (Daniela Levi, MD, Michelle Ng Gong, MD; S. Jean Hsieh, MD)
  11. Impact of electronic data interface and decision support tools to improve outcomes in critically ill patients (Michelle Ng Gong, MD; Lewis Eisen, MD)
  12. Improving communication between clinicians, patients and families in the critical care setting (Aluko Hope, MD)
  13. Hospital organizational factors and relationship to outcomes and patient throughput in acutely ill hospital patients (Michelle Ng Gong, MD)
  14. Impact of arterial catheters in the intensive care unit (Hayley Gershengorn, MD)
  15. Variabilty in treatment of patients hospitalized with alcohol withdrawal syndromes and the impact of treatment choice on the development of respiratory failure (Hayley Gershengorn, MD)
  16. Epidemiology of re-intubation in the intensive care unit (Hayley Gershengorn, MD)
  17. Investigation and treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage (Rishi Malhotra, MD)
  18. Examining an outbreak of Legionnaires disease in the Bronx (Tina Chen, MD)


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