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Dr. Kalpana has had a Publication Accepted in PNAS

A new paper from Dr. Ganjam Kalpana’s laboratory (department of Genetics) entitled “Therapeutically targeting Cyclin D1 in primary tumors arising from loss of Ini1” has been accepted for publication in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

First author of this manuscript, Melissa Smith, is a graduate student in Kalpana's laboratory. This report is a success story of translating basic research to develop novel targeted therapies for rhabdoid tumors, an aggressive pediatric malignancy with poor prognosis. In this report, the authors demonstrate that a single, correctly targeted, chemotherapy agent can eliminate fully developed primary rhabdoid tumor, using genetically engineered mouse models and microPET imaging. Furthermore, they determined the mechanism of resistance in one of the tumors that is non-responsive to therapy. These studies pave the way to clinical development of targeted therapies for rhabdoid and other malignancies arising due to loss of INI1 gene.

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