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Departmental Seminar
Henri Jasper
Price 151-LeFrak Auditorium: This seminar is co-sponsored by Genetics, the Stem Cell Institute, and the Institute for Aging Research. It is hosted by: Drs. J. Vijg, Y. Suh, P. Frenette, and N. Barzilai.
Inflammation and Immune Modulation: Tackling Age-Related Stem Cell Dysfunction
Departmental Seminar
Thomas Gingeras, Ph.D.
5th Floor Lecture Hall-Forchheimer Building: Hosted by: Dr. Deyou Zheng
Lessons from complex genomes
Departmental Seminar
Ying Cai
Price 151-LeFrak Auditorium: This is a thesis defense seminar.
Transcriptomic and epigenetic dynamics of breast cancer progression in the MMTV-PyMT mouse model
Departmental Seminar
Ke Li
5th Floor Lecture Hall-Forhheimer Building: This is a thesis defense seminar.
Regulation and functions of the ID protein Extra macrochaetae in neural development
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