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Departmental Seminar
Speaker 1: Zhongjun Zhou and Speaker 2: Paul Hasty
1st Floor Lecture Hall-Forchheimer Building: Co-hosted by Jan Vijg and Nir Barzilai
Speaker 1: Nuclear Lamin A In Epigenetic Regulation and Aging and Speaker 2: The Integration of DNA Damage Responses With Cell Growth During Aging
Departmental Seminar
Ryan White
Price Center-LeFrak Auditorium: This is a thesis defense.
Elucidating the Role of DNA Double-strand Breaks in Aging
Departmental Seminar
Charlotte Peterson
5th Floor Lecture Hall-Forchheimer Building: This seminar is co-sponsored by the Department of Genetics and the Institute for Aging Research
Novel roles for satellite cells in skeletal muscle adaptation and aging
Departmental Seminar
Mingyan Lin
3rd Floor Lecture Hall-Forchheimer Building: This is a thesis defense seminar.
Transcriptomics Analysis of iPSC-derived Neurons and Modeling of Neurogenesis and Neuropsychiatric Disorders
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