Department of Family and Social Medicine

RPSM Alumni Overview

Welcome to the web site for the Friends and Alumni of RPSM. We hope this site allows you to keep abreast of and participate in our activities. Some highlights and our plans include: The Alumni database will allow you to find your friends and others and to search by last name, city, state, or program. We hope that you will also help us find others for whom we do not have information. You can tell if we don't have their information if you try to look them up and nothing shows. We also have a list of these people . Th database will also allow you to provide us with accurate contact information so that we can periodically communicate with you about specific activities and initiatives. We urge you to review the information we have for you and make sure it is accurate. The Events page links you to the DFSM Social Medicine Rounds and Departmental Calendar. The Publications page links you to the DFSM Newsletter and Annual Report. We hope in the future to publish an Alumni Newsletter.

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For additional information please contact Nicole Lewis at  
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