Department of Family and Social Medicine


The Department of Family and Social Medicine is the home for a variety of education and training programs for health professionals.

DFSM provides pre-clinical teaching and clinical experiences for medical students at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine throughout their four-year curriculum. In the third year, all students at Einstein spend four weeks learning the fundamentals of primary care in an outpatient family medicine setting. Opportunities for further clinical experiences in family medicine are provided in fourth-year electives.

In Montefiore's unique Residency Program in Social Medicine, all of Montefiore's family medicine residents and selected residents in internal medicine and pediatrics share a common three-year curriculum emphasizing the social determinants of health and illness. Residents in Family Medicine, Social Pediatrics, and Primary Care/Social Internal Medicine receive both standard training in their respective specialties and special training in such areas as behavioral health, community medicine, epidemiology, and health systems from faculty members representing all three departments.

DFSM offers several advanced fellowships in Reproductive Health, Faculty Development, and Palliative Medicine for physicians who desire further training after completing their residencies.

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