Summer Undergraduate Mentorship Program

The Summer Undergraduate Mentorship Program of the Hispanic Center of Excellence at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is a six-week program that offers students a unique opportunity to become exposed to the realities and nuances of the medical profession through a one-on-one “shadowship” with a physician. The program includes shadowing a physician in a preferred area of specialty, workshop/lecture participation and research experience.

Additionally, individualized MCAT review and research opportunities will be offered based on need and eligibility criteria. All students are expected to complete a written project and give a PowerPoint presentation on their project to their peers, family, physician mentors and invited Einstein faculty at the program’s all-day colloquium and graduation. The goals of the program are designed to motivate students to pursue careers in medicine, build confidence and foster working mentorship relationships.

Lectures and workshops will cover a variety of topics that include practical information such as the medical school application process, mock interviews, current issues in medicine and special-interest topics such as cultural competency and the patient-physician relationship. Parental participation is also encouraged through specific parental workshops on the medical school application process and financial aid.


Be either U.S. citizens or a permanent residents

Have completed at least their freshman year with at least one year in science by the beginning of the program (sophomore and higher)

Have a GPA of at least 2.5

Provide an official college transcript, obtain a letter of recommendation from a faculty member and obtain medical clearance

Note: Students will be considered if they are from an underrepresented group in medicine and/or have an economically disadvantaged background

Application Deadline: Usually April. Interviews are scheduled through the end of April.


Hope Spano
Hispanic Center of Excellence
Phone: 718.430.2657
Email: HCOE@einstein.yu.edu
Website: http://www.einstein.yu.edu/centers/hispanic-center-of-excellence/ 

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