The DMB Retreat

We look forward to the beautiful fall months of every year here in the northeast; however, every other fall offers a very special treat for the members of DMB. We head north about 100 miles to the Mohonk Mountain House, a National Historic Landmark destination resort spread over 6100 acres in the Shwangunk Mountains of New York,

 The Mohonk Mountain House


or, we travel about 100 miles to the northeast to Mystic Seaport on the Connecticut coastline

Mystic Seaport, Connecticut


where we stay at the Hilton Mystic


Both venues provide a grand backdrop for our grand scientific convocation!

The spirit of "The Retreat" is in the air for weeks before departure. Everyone scurries to get data organized, slides and overheads prepared, poster lay-outs composed and presentations polished. It's as if the whole department is collectively preparing for a Keystone Conference or a Gordon Conference. And, as for an established conference, everyone feels the anticipation of going as well as the pressure of preparing the best presentation one can.

Many members car-pool up to the retreat, getting an early start on the comraderie. We check-in, eat and excitedly start setting up for our first presentations.


It's not all work!