Department of Cell Biology

Harry Eagle Scholar Award

The Department of Cell Biology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine announces the annual Harry Eagle Scholar Awards for Outstanding Post-Doctoral Candidates


Applicants should be within 2 years of the completion of their PhD or MD-PhD degree and have a proven track record of excellence in research. The Department of Cell Biology and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine offer outstanding state-of-the-art facilities to conduct molecular and cellular biology studies. The College offers subsidized housing. The award is for two years with eligibility for a third year.

Eric Bouhassira
Human embryonic stem cells, epigenetics, gene expression and silencing.

Winfried Edelmann
Mouse models to study DNA repair genes in cancer and meiosis.

Paul Frenette
Understanding how hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and mature blood cells traffic in vivo.

Dmitry Fyodorov
Chromosome assembly and dynamics; biochemistry of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling factors; Drosophila melanogaster.

Wenjun Guo
Regulation of stem-cell states in the mammary gland and breast cancer.

Keisuke Ito
Biomedical research aiming toward the development of stem cell therapies.

Margaret Kielian
Virus-membrane fusion; virus assembly; novel antiviral therapies; membrane protein structure and function.

Richard Kitsis
Fundamental mechanisms of cell death and their application to heart disease and cancer.

Charles Query
Mechanism and modulation of spliceosome function.

Matthew Scharff
Molecular basis of mutation and switching of immunoglobulin genes and use of monoclonal antibodies in infections.

Carl Schildkraut
Epigenetic control of DNA replication and nuclear organization in mouse and human embryonic stem cells; reprogramming towards pluripotency.

David Shafritz
Liver-specific gene expression; hepatic stem cells; liver cell transplantation and gene therapy.

Robert Singer
RNA trafficking

Arthur Skoultchi
Chromatin structure and function; cancer cell biology; cell cycle; knock-out mice; human embryonic stem cells.

Pamela Stanley
Functions of mammalian glycans in development, cancer and notch signal transduction.

Ulrich Steidl
Transciptional Regulation of Leukemia Stem Cells

B. Hilda Ye
Oncogenes in the development of normal and malignant B cells.


"Interested individuals should contact one of the above faculty members in the Department of Cell Biology, and submit a CV plus three letters of recommendation. Application are evaluated throughout the year. EOE. "

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