Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell Research

Albert Einstein College of Medicine is home to a strong and growing team of stem cell investigators, with particular strength in hematopoietic, cancer, and liver stem cell biology, including a liver transplant program.  


Embryonic stem cell differentiation and modeling

Eric Bouhassira, Ph.D. 
Directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells to hematopoietic lineages
Ales Cvekl, Ph.D. 
Stem cells and eye development
John Greally, M.B., B.C.H., Ph.D. 
Stem cell epigenomics icon
Jeffrey Pessin, Ph.D. 
Adipocyte progenitor cells icon
Carl Schildkraut, Ph.D. 
DNA replication in stem cells icon
Jan Vijg Ph.D. 
Aging and Stem Cells icon

Hematopoietic and cancer stem cells

Paul Frenette, M.D. 
Hematopoietic stem cell trafficking icon
Evripidis Gavathiotis, Ph.D. 
Chemical biology and stem cell apoptosis icon
Wenjun Guo Ph.D. 
Normal and Malignant Breast Stem Cells icon
Keisuke Ito M.D. Ph.D.  
Hematopoietic stem cells and Leukemia-initiating cells icon  
Matthew Scharff, M.D. 
B cell differentiation leading to antibody diversity and cell of origin in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemiaicon
Arthur Skoultchi, Ph.D. 
Control of cell proliferation in embryonic stem cells icon
Richard Stanley, Ph.D. 
Signaling in hematopoietic progenitors icon
Ulrich Steidl, M.D., Ph.D.  
Leukemia stem cells icon
Amit Verma, M.D.  
Stem cells and myelodysplastic syndrome icon
Leonard H. Augenlicht, Ph.D.  
Intestinal stem cells in mucosal homeostasis and disease icon


Jean Hebert Ph.D.  
Replacement of Projection Neurons in the Neocortex icon
Herbert Lachman M.D.  
Uses induced pluripotent stem cells to model schizophrenia in vitro. icon
Mark F. Mehler M.D.  
Embryonic and Neural Stem Cell Biology and Epigenetic Reprogramming of Cell Fate and Associated Tissue Remodeling icon

Model organism of stem cell biology

Teresa Bowman, Ph.D.
Mechanisms of tissue regeneration in the zebrasfish icon
Florence Marlow Ph.D.  
Germ Line Stem Cells and Germ Development icon

Liver regeneration

Chandan Guha MBBS, Ph.D 
Stem Cell Therapies for Radiation Injury icon
Sanjeev Gupta, M.D. 
Liver stem cells and transplantation icon
Charles Rogler, Ph.D. 
Liver stem cell differentiation icon
Jayanta Roy-Chowdhury, M.B.B.S. 
Hepatic cell therapy icon
David Shafritz, M.D. 
Liver stem cells icon

Cardio-vascular progenitors

Richard Kitsis, M.D.
Cell death, cardiac stem cell differentiation   icon
Robert Michler, M.D. 
Cardiac stem cell transplantation icon

Research Resources

Stem cell researchers at Einstein have access to a wide and growing variety of investigational shared resources, cores, and centers, accessible through: Shared Facilities and Cores 

Cell Analysis

Analytical Imaging
Cellular and Molecular Neuroimaging
Flow Cytometry
Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Core
Single Cell Genomics and Epigenomics
Stable Isotope and Metabolomics
Stem Cell Isolation and Xenotransplantation 

Genetic Analysis

DNA Isolation and Cell Expansion
Genome Imaging

Molecular Structure Analysis

Macromolecular Therapeutics Development
Structural NMR
X-Ray Crystallography 

Tissue Analysis

Analytical Imaging
Cellular and Molecular Neuroimaging
Flow Cytometry
Histotechnology and Comparative Pathology
Tissue Engineering and Cellular Reprogramming 

Genetic Manipulation

Gene Therapy
Tissue Engineering and Cellular Reprogramming
Transgenic Mouse 

Animal Research

Animal Housing and Studies
Animal Physiology
Gene Targeting
Gruss Magnetic Resonance Research Center
Hormone Assay
MicroPET Facility
Mouse Cardiac Surgery and Physiology Core
Rodent Behavioral Evaluation
Transgenic Mouse 

Biohazard Research

Animal Biohazard
Biohazard Flow Cytometry
Biohazard Immunology/Pathology
Clinical and Molecular Virology 

Hepatic Research

Hepatic Cell Culture and Genetic Engineering
Hepatic Imaging and Cell Structure
Hepatic Molecular Biology & Genetics
Hepatic Special Animals 

Clinical and Translational Research

AIDS Clinical Investigation
Analytic Core Laboratory
Clinical Research Center
Diabetes Prevention and Control
DNA Isolation and Cell Expansion
Gruss Magnetic Resonance Research Center
Hormone Assay 

Analysis & Data Management

Computational Genomics
Epidemiology Study Management and Informatics
Research Informatics 

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