Rose F. Kennedy Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

With autism prevalence rates estimated at approximately 1 in 150 children, there is a clear imperative to accelerate and expand multidisciplinary translational research efforts. We need to develop fundamental understanding of the neurobiology of these disorders and to translate this knowledge quickly and effectively into novel treatments and interventions. This is precisely the mission of the Research Cluster at the Rose F. Kennedy Center. A nucleus of dedicated researchers and clinicians is collectively committed to understanding and ameliorating the causes of autism. The scope of work represented by this interdisciplinary team embodies a molecules-to-mind and a bench-to-bedside approach. RFK IDDRC investigators are engaged in studies involving molecular genetics, animal models, human physiology and neuroimaging, pharmacological trials and evidence-based behavioral therapeutic approaches.

RFK IDDRC investigator laboratories and clinics at Einstein and its affiliated hospitals are making significant contributions related to autism and in a number of crucial areas of investigation:

Multisensory Integration and Sensory Processing

Dunn, Michelle (Neurology)
Foxe, John (Pediatrics)
Molholm, Sophie (Pediatrics)
Valicenti-McDermott, Rosario (Pediatrics)

Early Detection and Biomarkers

Rose, Susan (Neuroscience)
Shulman, Lisa (Pediatrics)
Sussman, Elyse (Neuroscience)

Genetics and Epigenetics

Abrahams, Brett (Genetics)
Greally, John (Genetics)
Morrow, Bernice (Genetics)

Animal Models

Abrahams, Brett (Genetics)
Hiroi, Noboru (Neurosience)
Morrow, Bernice (Genetics)
Walkley, Steven (Neuroscience)
Zukin, Suzanne (Neuroscience)

Social Skills Intervention

Dunn, Michelle (Neurology)
Rapin, Isabel (Neurology)

Seizures and ASD

Galanopoulou, Aristea (Neurology)
Hollander, Eric (Psychiatry)
Moshe, Solomon (Neurology)
Shinnar, Shlomo (Neurology)

Repetitive Behaviors & Stereotypies

Molholm, Sophie (Pediatrics)
Rapin, Isabel (Neurology)
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