Rose F. Kennedy Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center - Human Clinical Phenotyping (HCP) Core

Resource and Health Fairs


The HCP attends resource, service, and health fairs to:

  • Recruit participants to join the research database 
  •  Educate the local community about the importance of research 
  •  Provide information about services available to parents in the community 
  •  Establish relationships with parent coordinators in the community 
  •  Establish collaborative relationships with doctors, clinicians and researchers in the community 

IDDRC events 


What the RFK-IDDRC Encompasses

  • The IDDRC, one of Einstein’s oldest and most established programs, is one in which basic scientists and clinicians are focused on intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) of children. Its collaborators have a common goal of disease discovery, diagnosis, prevention and treatment. It encompasses:
  • A revitalized administrative program, building new and productive collaborations at Einstein and its affiliated hospitals by uniting basic scientists focused on normal and abnormal brain development and function with clinicians caring for children with IDDs

Contact Us

If you would like to participate or enroll your child in research, please call: 718.862.1826 or email: 

If you are seeking clinical services for your child, please call: 718.430.8500  

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