Research Educaiton & Training (RET)

Graduates of CRTP

Class of 2017




Thesis/Research Topic 


Thomas Butler  


The impact of induction on delayed graft function following kidney transplantation in mated kidneys


Keith Downing  


Treating vaginal delivery as a soft tissue injury: introducing a protocol to teduce the risk of postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction


Molly Findley  


Prevalence of counseling for post-placenta intrauterine device insertion at Weiler Hospital


Ladan Golestaneh 


Predictors of Recurrent Hospitalizations in a Cohort of End Stage Renal Disease in the Bronx


Alexander Hogan 


Medical radiation exposure among premature and full term infants


Daniele Massera 


Association of bone mineral density with cardiac valvular and annular calcification in community-dwelling older people - the cardiovascular health study


James Meltzer 


Association of survival with use of whole body computed tomography in pediatric trauma


Thomas Ow 


Dual targeting of apoptosis in HNSCC as a mechanism to overcome treatment resistance


Jonathan Ross 


Clinical outcomes in undocumented immigrants with HIV

Mellanie Springer  


Race-ethnic disparities in the receipt of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA)


CRTP MD/MS Scholar  



Rebecca Mahn  

Allostatic load and adolescent maternal health     


Class of 2016 




Thesis/Research Topic 


Olga Aroniadis 


The relationship between sexual and physical abuse history and pre-procedural anxiety in patients undergoing endoscopy


Anna Bader 


To establish the effect of left ventricular myocardial fat (LVMF) as found on routine non-contrast chest CT on all-cause mortality in patients with and without history of prior myocardial infarction.


Jerry Chao 


Discontinuing anti-epileptic drugs in a cohort of 264 Children with epilepsy in remission: long-term results after 15 years of follow-up


Nina Dadlez 


Risk factors for respiratory failure among infants with bronchiolitis

Laurel Mohrmann 


Effect of duty hour restrictions on resident physician errors

Eliana Scemes  


Psychological aspects and quality of life of older adults with different levels of pain intensity and interference

Gregory Weston 


Risk factors for bloodstream infection with carbapenem resistant klebsiella pneumoniae in an endemic area


Yu Xia 



Hybrid coronary revascularization is associated with improved short term outcomes but worse mid-term re-intervention rates compared to conventional CABG: A propensity matched analysis


CRTP MD/MS Scholars 


Adela M Aguirre-Alarcon 


Evaluating candidate comprehension of key concepts in kidney transplantation

Olatomide T Familusi  

To determine if the American Society of Anesthesiologist (ASA) classification system could be used pre-operatively to identify patients at high risk for complications after abdominal contouring


Jeremy A Gold  

The association between bacterial vaginosis and symptomatic genital HSV-2 infection


Minh-Vu H Nguyen  

Clinical and radiographic presentation of sputum culture-negative pulmonary tuberculosis in New York City



Class of 2015 




Thesis/Research Topic 


Douglas Barnaby 


Use of heart rate variability to predict short-term deterioration in emergency department patients with sepsis. 


Lindsey C. Douglas 


Azithtromycin Therapy and clinical outcomes in children hospitalized with asthma 


Rashmi Kudesia 

Psychological stress and ovarian function 


Ioannis Mantzaris 


Ethnicity specific cutoffs for Neutropenia are predictive of overall survival in a large elderly cohort: An analysis of 27,760 individuals


Natasha Nakra 


Alteration of female genital tract immune mediators and bactericidal activity after unprotected sexual intercourse


Nitin Ohri  


Associations between radiotherapy noncompliance and clinical outcomes in an urban academic cancer center. 


Priya Raj 

Is serological testing useful in predicting current helicobacter pylori infection in symptomatic inner city children? 



CRTP MD/MS Scholars 


Sanchit Gupta 


Pediatric Malaria is associated with extensive metabolic alterations: defining the blood biochemical landscape during severe disease. 


Mariya Masyukova 


Recent prison release and clinical cormorbidity: Comparing HIV treatment outcomes for patients as a transitions clinic and other sites of primary care 


Debbie Rybak  

 Serum levels of S100B in neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus 






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