Curriulum: Current Courses

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Summer Semester I (July, August)

Monday through Thursday

  • Clinical Research Intensive: Principles of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Data Analysis, and Specific Aims.
    (Course Leaders: Hillel Cohen, DrPH (Biostatistics I), Carmen Isasi, M.D., Ph.D. (Epidemiology I), Aileen McGinn, Ph.D. (Data Analysis Lab), and Ellie Schoenbaum, M.D. (Specific Aims)

Required Textbooks: 

“Epidemiology”; By Leon Gordis, 5th edition, WB Saunders (2013) 

ISBN-10: 145573733X

ISBN-13: 978-1455737338 Approximate Cost: $44.58

"Basic Statistics and Pharmaceutical Statistical Applications "; By James E. De Muth, 3rd edition, CRC Press - Taylor Francis Group  

ISBN-10: 1466596732

ISBN-13: 9781466596733 Approximate Cost:$89.95

Required Software: STATA 15 IC* perpetual license. Cost $198 purchased via the Campus Grad Plan


Fall Semester I (September – December)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 

  • Epidemiologic Research Methods (Course Leaders: Dean Hosgood, Ph.D.; Aileen McGinn, Ph.D.

Required Textbook: 

Epidemiology: Beyond the Basics by MoysesSzklo & F. Javier Nieto.3rd Edition, Jones & BartlettPublishers, Sudbury,Massachusetts, 2012. Available online through the Einstein Library. TO access the e-book you must be at Einstein or have remote access to the library.

  • Multivariable Regression (Course Leader: Aileen McGinn, Ph.D.)

Required Textbook: 

Regression Methods in Biostatistics by Vittinghoff et al: available free online through the Einstein Library (to access you must be at Einstein or have remote access to the library:

Applied Logistic Regression by David W. Hosmer & Stanley Lemeshow (3rd edition). 2013. Wiley: Available via the Einstein Library as a PDF at:    

Survival Analysis: A Self-learning Text by David Kleinbaum and Mitchel Klein (3rd edition), 2012 Springer Available via the Einstein library as a pdf at:  


Spring Semester I (February – May)

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Advanced Topics in Biostatistics/Data Analysis (Course Leaders: Abdi Negassa, Ph.D.; Cuiling Wang, Ph.D.; Shankar Viswanathan, Ph.D.)

Required Textbooks: None

Works-in-Progress Seminars (Course Leaders: Paul Marantz, M.D., MPH) 

Required Textbooks: None

  • Advanced Topics in Epidemiology (Course Leaders: Ilir Agalliu, M.D.; Aileen McGinn, Ph.D.)

Required Textbook: None


  • Clinical Research Seminars I & II (Course Leader: Aileen McGinn, Ph.D.)

Required Textbooks: None


Summer Semester II (July, August)

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Grant/Manuscript Writing Course I (Course Leader: Ellie Schoenbaum, M.D.)

Required Textbook: None


  • Research Ethics I & II (Course Leaders: Tia Powell, M.D.; Lauren Flicker, J.D.)

Required Textbooks: None


Fall Semester II (September – December)

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Works-in-Progress (Course Leaders: Paul Marantz, M.D.)
  • Grant/Manuscript Writing II (Course Leader: Ellie Schoenbaum, M.D.)

Required Textbooks: None


Spring Semester II (February - May)

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • ResearchThesis (Course Leaders: Aileen McGinn, Ph.D.)
  • Elective Courses  

Required Textbooks: None


CRTP Elective Courses

Scholars are required to take 1 elective over the 2-year CRTP period.

  • Electives are courses offered by other graduate programs within the University, including
    • the Sue Golding Graduate Division (Ph.D. program at Einstein);
    • the Masters of Bioethics Program (Einstein-Cardozo);
    • psychology Ph.D. programs (Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at YU)
    • Design and Analysis of Health Outcomes (Course Leader: Arthur Blank, Ph.D.)
    • Decision Analysis/Cost Effectiveness (Course Leader: Clyde Schechter, M.D.)
    • Human Genetics (Course Leader: Herb Lachman, M.D.)
    • Directed Study (as per approved by CRTP Executive Committee)

Required Textbooks: None

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