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Safety Policies

Further words regarding MRC User Safety

The MRC is charged with ensuring the safe and appropriate use of MRRC equipment. As such, the MRC will ensure that all investigators, as well as their students, assistants or collaborators who will enter the first floor of the MRRC understand the safety issues associated with MRI instrumentation. The MRC provides access to an online safety course and attestation that the relevant materials have been read and will be complied with.  Additionally, all users must complete an MRI ‘screening’ form to ensure that they may enter the magnetic field safely. Finally, the MRC will ensure that all users attest to having an appropriately approved animal use (IACUC) or human institutional review board (IRB/CCI) protocol prior to beginning their MRC approved studies.  The CCI consent templates contain all necessary MRI language.  CCI/IRB consent templates can be found here and here. Approval of MRRC use applications will only be provided following completion of the safety steps and personal delivery of the screening form and safety completion certificate to designated MRRC staff (MRI technician or other designated MRRC faculty).


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If interested in scheduling a session on the 3T magnet or using the Cognitive Testing Room, please email or call Latasha Daly at 718.430.3390, 

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