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Sanjeev Gupta, M.D.

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Sanjeev Gupta
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Avenue, Ullmann Building, Room 625
Bronx, NY 10461




Sanjeev GuptaProfessor, Dept. of Medicine (Hepatology)
Professor, Dept. of Pathology
Eleazar & Feige Reicher Chair in Translational Medicine, Department of Medicine

In Dr. Gupta’s laboratory, scientists focus on liver-directed cell/gene therapies, including studies of the potential of stem cells and relevant aspects of stem cell biology. Major goals concern understanding mechanisms by which transplanted cells engraft, proliferate, function and repopulate the liver. This incorporates insights in cell-cell interactions capable of regulating the fate of transplanted mature and stem/progenitor cells. Studies of disease-specific therapeutic mechanisms are performed in animal models of genetic and acquired conditions, including liver failure, genetic diseases, e.g., copper toxicosis and hemophilia, as well as viral hepatitis.

In view of the global relevance of these cell/gene therapy efforts, the Gupta laboratory has attracted scientists and collaborators nationally and internationally, including from across Europe, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Republic of Georgia, India, and elsewhere. In ongoing interactions, senior government officials and scientists from India are working with Dr. Sanjeev Gupta to advance collaborations among institutions and programs in India and Einstein.

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