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HIV Eradication

The Eradication SWG was initiated during the ERC-CFAR Strategic Planning process to directly address one of the high priority research areas of the OAR Trans-NIH Strategic Plan: “…novel approaches and strategies to eliminate viral reservoirs that could lead toward a cure or lifelong remission of HIV infection”. While many investigators were independently pursuing various aspects of HIV-1 latency and eradication, there was no collective forum to facilitate collaboration across diverse areas of expertise. The HIV Eradication SWG was formulated in this context to bring together outstanding investigators who have not previously collaborated:

  • from within the three ERC-CFAR institutions;
  • from other New York City (NYC) institutions, including Columbia University Medical Center (Columbia), New York University (NYU), and Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai (Mt. Sinai); and
  • non-AIDS experts from other fields (single-cell, single-molecule microscopy, protein engineering, crystallography), to develop a multi-pronged approach to synergize basic, translational, clinical, and behavioral efforts towards HIV eradication.

This SWG is directed by Drs. Ganjam Kalpana and Marina Caskey The HIV Eradication SWG builds upon several key strengths of the ERC-CFAR:

  • The presence of a critical mass of basic science and clinical ERC-CFAR investigators pursuing research projects relevant to HIV eradication.  
  • Our recruitment of several exceptional investigators from other NYC Institutions including Columbia University Medical Center, New York University, and Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai to join with ERC-CFAR investigators to build investigative teams of basic virologists, immunologists, clinical and behavioral investigators.  
  • The novel technologies being established and developed within the ERC-CFAR Biomarkers and Advanced Technologies Core (BATC), to identify and quantify latent HIV infected cells, and to evaluate the factors involved in the reactivation of HIV-infected cells.  
  • The resources available through the ERC-CFAR Clinical, Translational Science and Implementation Core (CTSIC), such as access to patients with unique characteristics (e.g. elite controllers), identified using the clinical database. 

The main goal of the HIV Eradication SWG is to act as a catalyst to stimulate collaborations and joint grant applications among ERC-CFAR investigators and ESIs from different disciplines, while drawing upon the support of the ERC-CFAR cores. The HIV Eradication SWG includes more than 20 investigators and affiliate faculty who will synergize to develop multiple interactive projects. This SWG provides an extraordinary opportunity to stimulate collaborations which would not otherwise occur to develop highly innovative and interdisciplinary strategies encompassing ‘bench-to-bedside translation and back to basic research’ focusing on novel approaches and strategies to eliminate the reservoir.

For further information or to join this SWG and participate in the meetings, please contact either Dr. Ganjam Kalpana or Dr. Marina Caskey.

Dr. Ganjam Kalpana
Director, HIV Eradication SWG
Professor, Genetics and of Microbiology & Immunology
Mark Trauner Faculty Scholar, Neuro-oncology, Einstein

Dr. Marina Caskey
Co- Director, HIV Eradication SWG
Assistant Professor, Clinical Investigation
Member, Laboratory of Molecular Immunology, Rockefeller


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ERC-CFAR at a Glance

Partner Institutions 

  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Rockefeller University
  • The City University of New York (CUNY)


Total ERC-CFAR members

  • 183 Full members
  • 10 Affiliate members

CFAR member trainees funded by NIH K awards

  • 15 Full members

NIH Funding 

FY2015 OAR NIH AIDS FRB grants

$34,084,840 Total costs


New NIH AIDS grants awarded in FY2016

$7,345,645 Total annual costs


FY2014 non-AIDS NIH grants

$34,745,334 Total costs

Publications (first 6 months of 2016) 

Total Publications: 240

Publications multi-authored
by ERC-CFAR members: 91



Director: Dr. H. Goldstein



Directors: Dr. V. Prasad & Dr. C. Cunningham


Biomarkers & Advanced Technologies 

Directors: Dr. J. Berman & Dr. S. Almo


Behavioral Science 

Director: Dr. L. Bauman


Clinical Translational Implementation Science 

Director: Dr. K. Anastos


Scientific Working Groups 

HIV and Eradication 

Directors: Dr. G. Kalpana & Dr. M. Caskey


Patient and Population Health Outcomes Research 

Directors: Dr. D. Nash & Dr. J. Arnsten  

New 2016 NIH Grants Awards 

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