Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY Center for AIDS Research

Community Participatory Program

Community Participatory Partnership (CPP) is a partnership among ERC-CFAR scientists, the NYC DOHMH, HIV-affected populations, and community-based organizations. The goal of the CPP is to increase the involvement of the community in the CFAR’s research and to benefit from its knowledge and experience with the HIV Care/Prevention Cascade. Developed and organized on principles of community-based participatory research, the CPP will go beyond “advising” the CFAR, and will participate actively in its agenda setting and research studies. The CPP will increase the ERC-CFAR’s capacity to initiate new studies from the field, to conduct alpha and beta testing of interventions, and recruit participants in research trials. CPP members will have access to the ERV-CFAR cores, access to Catalytic grant funding, and opportunities for community-initiated projects. The CPP will be coordinated by Rosy Chhabra.

CPP Membership 

Member and Organizational Affiliation 

Organization Role 

Rosy Chhabra, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Coordinator, CPP

Kathy Anastos, MD.
Director, ERC-CFAR Clinical Transl. & Implementation Core
Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology & Population Health
Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Scott Auwarter, LMSW
Assistant Executive Director
BronxWorks Community Center


Laurie Bauman, PhD
Director, ERC-CFAR Behavioral Science Core
Professor of Pediatrics
Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Maria Caban, PhD.**
VP, Program Evaluation & Research


Joann Casado, JD **
Compliance Officer, Urban Health Plan, Inc

Community Health Center

Guillermo Chacon,
President, Latino Commission on AIDS


Sarit A. Golub, PhD.
Assoc. Director, Behavioral Science Core
Hunter College


Deborah Levine, LCSW
Executive Director, Love Heals,
Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education


Stephen E. Karpiak, PhD. **
Senior Director for Research & Evaluation
ACRIA | ACRIA Center on HIV and Aging


Bart Majoor, PhD.
Deputy and Clinical Director
St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction


William Nazerth
Director of Creative Media
Callen-Lorde Community Health Center


Chris Norwood
Executive Director, Health People


Viraj Patel, MD
Clinician-Investigator, Montefiore
Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Benjamin Tsoi, MD
Deputy Director of HIV Prevention


Dart Westphal,
Interim Executive Director
New York Harm Reduction Educators


*Community Based Organization ** Community Researcher


Einstein Logo 

Rockefeller Logo 

CUNY Logo 


ERC-CFAR at a Glance

Partner Institutions 

  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Rockefeller University
  • The City University of New York (CUNY)


Total ERC-CFAR members

  • 183 Full members
  • 10 Affiliate members

CFAR member trainees funded by NIH K awards

  • 15 Full members

NIH Funding 

FY2015 OAR NIH AIDS FRB grants

$34,084,840 Total costs


New NIH AIDS grants awarded in FY2016

$7,345,645 Total annual costs


FY2014 non-AIDS NIH grants

$34,745,334 Total costs

Publications (first 6 months of 2016) 

Total Publications: 240

Publications multi-authored
by ERC-CFAR members: 91



Director: Dr. H. Goldstein



Directors: Dr. V. Prasad & Dr. C. Cunningham


Biomarkers & Advanced Technologies 

Directors: Dr. J. Berman & Dr. S. Almo


Behavioral Science 

Director: Dr. L. Bauman


Clinical Translational Implementation Science 

Director: Dr. K. Anastos


Scientific Working Groups 

HIV and Eradication 

Directors: Dr. G. Kalpana & Dr. M. Caskey


Patient and Population Health Outcomes Research 

Directors: Dr. D. Nash & Dr. J. Arnsten  

New 2016 NIH Grants Awards 

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