Einstein-Mount Sinai Diabetes Research Center

Carbohydrate & Lipid Metabolism

The dramatic increase in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes in developed and developing countries is causally linked with the geographically and temporally overlapping epidemic of obesity. However, our understanding of how obesity leads to diabetes is still limited. The Einstein Diabetes Research Center has played a central role in the investigation of the basic mechanisms responsible for this association. The basic premise of these studies is that an imbalance between caloric intake and energy expenditure triggers endocrine/metabolic responses that accelerate the age-dependent dysregulation in glucose and lipid metabolism.

Areas of interest include the following:

CNS regulation of glucose/lipid metabolism and feeding behavior?

Aging and metabolism: Age- and adiposity-dependent changes in insulin action

Peripheral tissue metabolism: systems physiology and molecular integration of whole body metabolism

Glucose sensing and Hypoglycemia ?

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