Einstein-Sinai Diabetes Research Center

Stable Isotope & Metabolomics Core

Director: Irwin Kurland, MD

Seahorse Technician: Xueliang Du, PhD 

Location:  Price 368

Seahorse Location:  Forch529

Request Services:
   For Seahorse: xueliang.du@einstein.yu.edu
   For Mass Spectrometer: irwin.kurland@einstein.yu.edu
   For complete instructions, please see attached  Seahorse Users  guide.

The newly established Einstein Stable Isotope & Metabolomics Core uses stable isotope flux and metabolite profiling to help formulate and test hypotheses about the metabolic consequences of various changes in gene expression and protein function, in order to guide further integrative systems biology analyses of the underlying mechanisms in diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetic complications.

The Stable Isotope & Metabolomics Core’s evaluation framework complements the analyses performed in the Animal Physiology Core, such as measurements of whole body carbohydrate/fatty acid oxidation, energy expenditure, tissue-specific insulin sensitivity, glucose, protein and fatty acid metabolism.

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