Einstein-Mount Sinai Diabetes Research Center

Flow Cytometry Core

Director: Steven Porcelli, MD  

Location: Chanin Institute

Established in 1980, the Einstein Flow Cytometry Core’s mission is to assist investigators in performing multi-parameter analysis and high speed sorting of cell populations based on labeling with fluorochrome conjugated antibodies or other fluorescent dye reagents.

The Flow Cytometry Core:

  • Provides investigators with convenient, affordable access to a broad spectrum of required analytical and preparative flow cytometry technologies, including on-site access to high speed fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) and advanced multiparameter flow cytometric analysis
  • Provides technical expertise and training to guide investigators and their staff in the application of basic and advanced flow cytometry techniques.
  • Organizes and supports a program of seminars and demonstrations of new technologies to assure that investigators are well informed about newly emerging applications of FACS methodologies that can enhance their research.  


The objectives of the Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory are as follows:

  • To advise investigators, trainees and staff on the utility of FACS for their specific research problem.
  • To make available to investigators specialized flow cytometry analyses for the quantification of cells expressing specific surface markers or undergoing specific cellular signaling events.
  • To make available high-speed flow-based flourescence activated cell sorting for the sterile isolation of cells displaying specific cell surface markers or biological properties.
  • To provide laboratory training of students, postdoctoral fellows, investigators and technical staff in performing techniques necessary to perform fluorescent-based cell analyses and cell sorting.
  • To assist in the appropriate data analysis for the evaluation of molecular targets and biological processes.


  1. Training of investigators and their research laboratory personnel
  2. Analytical flow cytometry
  3. Preparative cell sorting using high-speed flow or magnetic sorting methods

Fees (charge/hour)



FACSCan unassisted


FACSCan assisted


FACSCanto II (Coming soon – CGTM)


LSRII unassisted


LSRII Analysis assisted


MoFlo Sorting or Analysis (assisted only)


FACSAria Sorting or Analysis assisted


FACSAria Sorting or Analysis unassisted
(note: this service limited to relatively few highly trained users)


SuperMacs Separator (small column / large column)


Computer workstation data analysis, unassisted


Computer workstation data analaysis, assisted


Archived data retrieval


Fluorescence microscope


Laser scanning cytometry assisted


Laser scanning cytometry unassisted


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