Einstein-Mount Sinai Diabetes Research Center

Analytical Imaging Core

Operations Manager: Hacene Boukari, PhD 

Established in 1995, the Analytical Imaging Core Facility provides comprehensive microscopy and advanced imaging technologies for the Einstein research community. This Core provides a wide range of instrumentation and expertise from macro-imaging with a stereoscope, classical microscopy including bright field, dark field, phase contrast, Nomarski differential interference contrast and epi-fluorescence, live cell imaging and cell manipulation with light, standard transmission and scanning electron microscopy, cryoEM of macromolecules and whole mount cells.


The Analytical Imaging Core’s mission is to assist Einstein investigators in routine and complex imaging technologies for their particular research needs.

  1. To advise investigators, trainees and staff on the best techniques and instrumentation to address their specific research problem.
  2. To make available to investigators specialized light microscopy instrumentation for the analyses of cellular and molecular biological processes
  3. To provide dedicated electron microscopy expertise, service and training for the high resolution visualization of cellular, organelle, protein and nucleic acid structures.
  4. To provide laboratory training of students, postd octoral fellows, investigators and technical staff in performing techniques necessary to perform microscopy based analyses.
  5. To assist in the appropriate data analysis for the evaluation of molecular targets and biological processes.
  6. To continue the development of cutting-edge imaging methodologies and instrumentation.


  1. Training of faculty research laboratory personnel in various imaging modalities
  2. Use of routine light microscopy
  3. Use of specialized light microscopy
  4. Performance of electron microscopy services

Fees (charge/hour)

Service Current Service Fees for Diabetes Center Members
  Assisted  Training   Unassisted  
Epi-fluorescence   $50 $35 $15
Confocal   $50 $35 $18
Multiphoton   $50 $50 $36
TEM-SEM   $100 $100 $60
Axioskop   $50 $35 $250 per annum
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