Einstein-Sinai Diabetes Research Center

Jeffrey E. Pessin, Ph.D.

A Message from the Director

Jeffrey E. Pessin, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Medicine 

Professor, Department of Molecular Pharmacology 

Judy R. & Alfred A. Rosenberg Professional Chair in Diabetes Research 

Director, Diabetes Research Center, Department of Medicine 

Collexis Profile for Dr. Pessin 

I’d like to share with you some of the new developments in the Albert Einstein Diabetes Research Center.

First, we’re pleased to announce an award of approximately $10 million from the National Institutes of Health that will continue funding our diabetes center for five more years. The money will support our Biomedical Research and Prevention & Control Cores, which offer important infrastructure support for nearly 90 independent investigators. These funds also provide Pilot & Feasibility grants for developing innovative approaches for understanding the basic mechanisms underlying diabetes and developing new treatments.

The investigators of the Einstein Diabetes Research Center strive to collabo- rate with neighboring institutions in the New York metropolitan area as well as colleagues nationwide and around the world. Last May, we hosted a New York Regional Diabetes Symposium attended by more than 200 people. The symposium featured research presentations by eight junior faculty members from Columbia University, Weill Cornell Medi- cal College, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Einstein. In the fall of 2009, we held a continuing medical education program for our Brazilian colleagues.

Our continued efforts to improve treatments for diabetes and eventually develop a cure require bright and resourceful investigators. This year we’ve successfully recruited two new outstanding investigators. Rubina A. Heptulla, M.D., came to us from Baylor College of Medicine and will direct our division of pediatric endocrinology; and Rajat Singh, M.B., B.S., formerly at the Einstein Liver Center, will study diabetes as an assistant professor in the departments of medicine and molecular pharmacology. We are thrilled that these exceptional individuals will be enhancing our research and patient-care efforts, and we welcome them warmly to our Diabetes Center family.

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