Rose F. Kennedy Children's Evaluation & Rehabilitation Center

Publication Archives

  • Stein REK, Hurlburt MS, Heneghan A, Zhang J, Rolls-Reutz J, Silver EJ, Fisher E. Lanseverk J, Horwitz SM, Chronic Conditions Among Children Investigated by Child Welfare. Pediatrics,131:(3) 455-462 PMID: 23420907
  • Heneghan A, Stein REK, Hurlburt MS, Zhang J, Rolls-Reutz J, Fisher E, Landsverk J, Horwitz SM. Mental Health Problems in Teens Investigated by US Child Welfare Agencies. Journal of Adolescent Health 2013, 52 (5) :634-40 PMID 23375826

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 CERC Director:
Theodore A. Kastner

Clinical Director:
Anne Murphy, Ph.D. 


Director of Operations:
Camille L. Rogers, M.A.

Office Coordinator:
George Lucas

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