Rose F. Kennedy Children's Evaluation & Rehabilitation Center

Faculty and Staff

Executive Administration

Theodore A. Kastner  M.D. 
Director, CERC
Co-Director, Rose F. Kennedy Center
Director, RFK UCEDD, LEND 
Chief, Division of Developmental Medicine, Dept. of Pediatrics, Einstein and Children's Hospital at Montefiore 

Karen Bonuck, Ph.D. 
Co-Director, RFK UCEDD 
Director, Research RFK CERC

Camille L. Rogers, M.A.
Director of Operations, RFK CERC


Anne Murphy, Ph.D 
Clinical Director, RFK CERC

Lurdes Pombo
Administrator, Revenue Cycle RFK CERC


Maris Rosenberg, M.D.
Training Director, RFK UCEDD/LEND

Joanne F. Siegel, LCSW
Associate Director, RFK UCEDD 
Director, Community and Advocacy Affairs UCEDD/CERC 


Discipline and Program Directors

Farah Alam, D.M.D.
Director, Dental Unit

Mayra E. Alvarez, Ph.D.
Director, Allied Health Training, RFK UCEDD/LEND

Blanche Benenson, M.D.
Director, Medical Training


Marsha Edell, LCSW
Co-Director, Developmental and Family Services Unit; Supervisor, Social Work


Tammy Fried, LCSW
Director, Autism Recreation and Socialization Program

Nicole Furnari, LMHC
Director, Children’s Health Home

Anna Goodearl, Ph.D.
Co-Director, Psychoeducational Program


Rani Kathirithamby, M.D.
Director, Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit

Monica McQuaid, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Adult Literacy Program 

Enna Payano
Supervisor, Medicaid Service Coordination

Chana Pinkerton, Au.D. 
Children’s Hearing Program

Elizabeth Ridgway, Ph.D., OTR
Supervisor, Occupational Therapy


Erin Rivelis, Ph.D.
Director, Adolescent Unit

Dovelet T. Shashou, M.D.
Director, Ophthalmology Clinic


Lisa Shulman, M.D.
Director, Infant Toddler Team

Ruth E. K. Stein, M.D.
Director, Academic Affairs, RFK CERC

Mitchell Steinschneider, M.D.
Director, Seizure Management Clinic


Carol Terilli, PT, DPT
Supervisor, Physical Therapy



Herbert J. Cohen, M.D.
Director Emeritus, RFK CERC

Ruth L. Gottesman, Ed.D. 
Director Emeritus, RFK CERC 
Fisher-Landau Center for the Treatment of Learning Disabilities

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