Center for AIDS Research

Administrative Core


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The Administrative Core guides and manages the Einstein-Montefiore CFAR by implementing the strategic plan generated by this Core through coordination of a highly interactive and inclusive strategic planning process that includes the annual CFAR retreat, and meetings of the Executive, Steering, Internal Scientific Advisory and External Scientific Advisory Committees. The Core also provides the infrastructure for stable and creative financial management of the scientific Cores through utilization of strategic budgeting and business plan development.


Core Mission

  • To drive the strategic planning process to quantitatively and qualitatively increase improve and expand HIV research at Einstein 
  • To focus Einstein HIV/AIDS research activities on emerging questions at the cutting-edge of HIV/AIDS research, particularly those directions identified in the OAR's Trans-NIH Plan for HIV Research.
  • To provide a responsive and inclusive scientific leadership structure to coordinate Core services and usage.
  • To promote interactions of Einstein HIV investigators with other inter-CFAR activities and with national and international colleagues, collaborators and institutes. 
  • To monitor and assess success in meeting CFAR goals and programs through periodic member surveys.

Core Services

  • Coordinating the development and implementation of the annual strategic plan 
  • Organize and manage the program and scientific presentations at the annual CFAR retreat.
  • Grants management and fiscal reporting to Einstein and the NIH.
  • Support for submission and review of CFAR supplement and pilot projects.
  • Logistical support for meetings, events, and seminars.
  • Logistical support for CFAR search committees and recruiting activities.
  • Comprehensive reporting on the research activities of the Center’s members and Core facilities.
  • Maintaining and updating the CFAR website.

Core Leadership 

Harris Goldstein, MD

William Jacobs, Jr., PhD
Associate Director

Georgia Veroutis

Sandra Pinzow
Administrative Assistant
718.430. 2342 

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