Wilf Family Cardiovascular Research Institute

A Message From the Director

For many decades, Einstein scientists have conducted outstanding cardiovascular research. But we’ve been in need of additional resources to realize our full potential.

That is why the creation of the Wilf Family Cardiovascular Research Institute, announced officially at Einstein’s Academic Convocation in October 2009, is so important to the College of Medicine. The new institute’s mission is to better understand cardiovascular disease—the world’s number-one killer—so that we can translate this knowledge into novel treatments to relieve suffering and improve health.

This new institute exists because of a generous gift from Einstein Overseer Zygmunt “Zygi” Wilf and his family. The Wilfs are long­time friends of Einstein and of Yeshiva Univer­sity, whose Wilf Campus was named in honor of the family and its philanthropy. Their contribu­tion will allow us here at Einstein to work toward preventing and treating heart attack, stroke, heart failure, hypertension, arrhythmia, sudden cardiac death, congenital heart disease and many other conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels.

We are now recruiting new faculty for the Wilf Family Cardiovascular Research Institute as well as inviting selected existing faculty to become members. We plan to assemble a core group of some 40 basic, clinical and epidemio­logical researchers from a variety of disciplines. Our goal is for these scientists and clinicians to interact frequently, sharing their expertise and collaborating on innovative treatments for the long-standing human affliction that is cardio­vascular disease. Together, we look forward to taking cardiovascular research to the next level.

Richard N. Kitsis, MD 
Director, Wilf Family Cardiovascular Research Institute
Dr. Gerald and Myra Dorros Professor of Cardiovascular Disease

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