Psychosocial Oncology Program
Albert Einstein Cancer Center Montefiore Medical Center

BOLD Buddies

Bronx Oncology Living Daily 

(BOLD) BUDDY Program 

Providing Compassionate Companions 

to Cancer Patients Going 

Through Cancer Alone 


Are you a Montefiore/Einstein cancer patient in need of someone to accompany you to medical appointments or treatments?



  • Count on a supportive presence at the cancer clinic while receiving your treatments or going to medical appointments
  • Receive supportive telephone calls before and after medical appointments
  • Have someone travel with you to and from your cancer center appointments

Margie and Emma (above), 2 of 5 Sanchez sisters from the Bronx all of whom were diagnosed with breast cancer, were the inspiration for the Buddy Program. They were two of the first BOLD Buddies trained, bringing their understanding of the need for community-based support firsthand” 

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Denise M. (at right) & Maggie G. (not pictured) are not only B.BOLD Buddies but American Cancer Society Patient Navigators and Reach to Recovery volunteers. They decided to become involved as cancer survivors interested in helping fellow Bronx women of color in their fight against cancer. Maggie states, “This program speaks very personally to me as I can work with women with breast cancer like myself.” Denise adds, “This program has definitely taught me to be understanding and compassionate towards women with breast cancer from all walks of life. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to give back.” 

Betsy G. (at left) is a single 52 year old breast cancer survivor from Puerto Rico. She has enjoyed every minute she has spent with her B. BOLD Buddy Denise M who accompanied her to almost all of her radiation therapy appointments at 7am! Betsy reached out for a B.BOLD Buddy when she realized she needed the support from a third party. “Having a B.BOLD Buddy has impacted my life in so many ways, from improving my physical and mental health to building a relationship with someone who I consider a very close friend now.”  

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For more information on being matched with a BOLD Buddy, please contact: 

(718) 430-4044 

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