Psychosocial Oncology Program
Albert Einstein Cancer Center Montefiore Medical Center

Carol Morgan, PhD

  • Founder

  • Health Psychologist

  • Psychosocial Researcher

  • Writer


Dr. Carole Morgan planted the seeds of the "grass roots" Community Outreach Program in 1996. Thanks to the life and vision that she gave to this work, many outreach projects have taken hold and flowered. Carole sowed seeds of knowledge about how to reach out to Bronx residents with needed health information, based on programs she had started at Albert Einstein and Jacobi Hospital as early as 1988. She planted seeds of change by helping people to look at the way they think about diseases like cancer and to choose behaviors that protect their health. She brought seeds of creativity to new ways that physicians, health educators and students can teach others about how to prevent cancer. The seeds she planted were gifts of her experience as a health psychologist, a writer, and a cancer patient. The Community Outreach Program was influenced and enriched by her passion for teaching and learning, her sensitivity to differences among people, and her deep empathy for what it is like to live with cancer.

Sadly, Dr. Morgan passed away from non-Hodgkins lymphoma in February 1998. So strong was her vision that, even after her death, the goals and activities of the Community Outreach Program burst forth and blossomed into the active and vibrant community projects we have today. Our accomplishments are also hers and the work of the Community Outreach Program will always be a tribute to her memory.

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