Psychosocial Oncology Program
Albert Einstein Cancer Center Montefiore Medical Center



The Psychosocial Oncology Program, begun in 1997, is a program devoted to providing counseling, support and complementary medicine to those affected by cancer in and around the Bronx community. Health psychologists and health psychology students provide support and information to help people with cancer to better cope with the stresses of this disease and its treatment. This program offers individual counseling and group workshops to patients, family members, and medical staff. We also offer yoga and mind-body support groups to cancer patients. This supportive service can help people in many ways. For example, we offer support and suggestions on how to deal with sadness, anxiety, treatment side-effects, how to cope when your loved one has cancer and lifestyle changes that people with cancer sometimes face. Our program also provides educational materials and referral information on cancer.

Director: Alyson Moadel, Ph.D.

For more information, call: (718) 430-2297
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